Mary got a visit from the Angel Gabriel – Luke 1:39-40

Mary understands what Gabriel tells her and was excited because the angel had just told her that she was pregnant with the Messiah.
She visited Elizabeth immediately to share her news.
In Hebrew Mary means bitter.
Joseph married Mary who gave birth to Jesus.
Mary and Joseph were descendants of King David.

Background Reading: – Mary Visits Elizabeth

39 Later on, Mary set out for a Judean city in the hill country. 40 She went into Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth.
Luke 1:39-40

More Information:
Mary, like her husband Joseph, were both from the tribe of Judah.
The couple was considered married, in the time of Jesus, from the day of the betrothal.

arranged marriages
The family tree of Jesus in Matthew is through the legal line, and the family tree of Jesus in Luke is through the bloodline.

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