Questions and Answers 12-23

12 Questions
12. What was Simeon waiting to see?

13. What did Anna the prophetess proclaim?

14. Does the Bible say how many Magi or wise men traveled from the east to find Jesus?

15. When was Herod made king by the Romans and when did he die?

16. Where did Magi who followed the star to were Jesus lived. Jesus who may by now have been between 9 to 20 months old?

17. What gifts did the Magi give Jesus?

18. What did the Angel say to Joseph in a dream?

19. What does Herod the Great plan to do to Jesus?

20. When Joseph was told to return from Egypt. Joseph in dream was told in a dream to go were?

21. How old was Jesus was at this stage of his life?

22. How many times does the pink cross appear in

23. What is your favorite Image only you can answer this Question?

Answers for questions 12-23
12. See Jesus before he died.

13. Anna said this baby was the Messiah that every one was waiting for.

14. No.

15. Herod the Great was an Idumean and was made king in 37 BC by the Romans and died in 4BC.

16. Magi followed the star to a house.

17. The Magi found Jesus in His house and gave Him their gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh.

18. Take Mary and Jesus to Egypt.

19. Herod the Great plans to kill Jesus to stop Him becoming King.

20. Joseph was told in a dream to go to Nazareth of Galilee.

21. Jesus about twelve years old.

22. The pink cross appears four different places see below:

23. Your answer is the correct one.


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