Zilpah, servant of Leah, Genesis 30:9-13

Zilpah, the handmaiden or servant of Leah, bore two sons to Jacob, named Asher and Gad.

It was the custom of those times if the wife was barren. Then an another woman would bear children for her.

Zilpah was not from the family of Laban but a servant in the extended household.

Zilpah in Hebrew means: Drooping.

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9 When Leah saw that she had stopped bearing children, she took her woman servant Zilpah and gave her to Jacob as a wife. 10 Leah’s servant Zilpah bore a son to Jacob, 11 and Leah exclaimed, “How fortunate!” So she named him Gad.

12 Later, Leah’s servant Zilpah bore a second son for Jacob. 13 She said, “How happy I am, because women will call me happy!” So she named him Asher.
Genesis 30:9-13

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