Resources – Revelation Part One


The Sequence of Events of the Old Testament by Shlma Eliezer. Pub MOD Israel Publishing House Distributed By the “Jerusalem Post” ISBN -965-05 797? 1984.

The Macmillan Bible Atlas by Yohanan Aharoni and Michael Avi-Yonah.

The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings by Dr. Edwin Thiele – Paternoster Press 1951.

Young’s Analytical Concordance by Robert Young.

Timelines by Zondervan.
Chronological and background of New Testament and others publications by Zondervan.
Timelines of the Western Church by Susan Lynn Paterson 1999 Zondervan Publishers.

Great Events of the Bible by James Harper Editor – Weidenfield and Nicolson. Marshall editions Ltd 1987 ISBN 0-297-79068-4.

Clarke’s Commentary by Adam Clarke.

Birth of Jesus

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