AD1400 — AD1800 – TIME LINES

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WORLD/SECULAR HISTORY year/month/day Christian History and Jewish History
Historical events in Politics and Business   Events and history that happened in both faiths
    including Christian & Jewish person
  October 1400  Chaucer murdered?
Ockham’s razor  Mid 14th cent.  
  1412-1431 Joan of Arc
  1415 John Huss Burned at the Stake
Movable type is invented  1434  
  1439  Greek and Roman Churches united under the Pope
  1452-1519  Leonardo Da Vinci
  1456  Johann Gutenberg Produces the First Printed Bible
F.Schleiermacher  1468-1834  
  1469-1536   Erasmus
Copernicus  1473-1543  
Michelangelo by Leonardo Da Vinci  1472-1564  
  1478-1834 Spanish Inquisition
  1478 Establishment of the Spanish Inquisition
  1483-1546 Martin Luther
  1484-1531 Ulrich Zwingli
  1489-1556 Thomas Cranmer
  1491-1556 Ignatius Loyola
  1492 All Jews banished from Spain.
Columbus reaches America  1492  
  1498 Savonarola Executed

1500-1650 High Renaissance

Pencil invented in England  1500  
  1509-1564 John Calvin
  1512 Michelangelo Completes the Sistine Chapel Ceiling
  1513-1572 John Knox
Shotgun invented  1515  
  1516 Erasmus’ Greek New Testament
  1517 Martin Luther Posts His Ninety-five Theses
  1519 Zurich Reformation begins
  1520 Anabaptist movement begins
Chocolate brought to Europe  1520  
  1523 Zwingli Leads Swiss Reformation
  1525 Anabaptist Movement Begin
  1534 Jesuit Society is founded
  1534 English Act of Supremacy
  1534 Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy
  1536 John Calvin Publishes The Institute of the Christian Religion
  1540 The Pope Approves the Jesuits
  1541 Calvin establishes Geneva theocracy
  1545 Opening of the Council of Trent
  1549  Christianity introduced to Japan
  1549  Cramner Produces the Book of Common Prayer
  1559  John Knox Returns to Scotland to Lead Reformation
Galileo  1564-1642  
Mercator produced a world Map  1569  
  1572  Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
Knitting machine invented  1589  
  1593  English separatists are called Puritans
The thermometer invented  1596  
Descartes  1596-1650  
 1350-1500 RENAISSANCE   1600-1800 Early Modern Church
Rembrandt  1606-1669  
Telescope invented  1608  
  1608-1609  John Smyth Baptizes the First Baptist
  1611 Publication of the King James Bible
  1618-1648 Thirty Years’ War
Kepler’s Laws  1618  
  1620 Pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock
  1620 Pilgrims Sign the Mayflower Compact
  1624-1850 Deism
  1624-1691  George Fox – a preacher and founder of the Quakers
  1628 Comenius Driven From His Homeland
Locke  1632-1704  
  1635-1750 Philip Jacob Spencer
English (Puritan) Revolution  1640-1658  
Newton  1642-1726  
  1646 The Westminster Confession of Faith
  1648 George Fox Founds the Society of Friends
  1650 Quakers are founded
1500-1650 High Renaissance    
The Enlightenment 1650-1800    
  1662 Rembrandt Completes The Return of the Prodigal Son
Microscope invented  1667  
  1675 Philip Jacob Spener Publishes Pia Desideria
  1678 John Bunyan The Pilgrim’s Progress Published
  1678 Pilgrim’s Progress
  1685 The Births of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel
  1691   George fox dies 13th January 1691
John Harrison Clockmaker  1693-1776  
  1703-1758 Jonathan Edwards
  1707 Publication of Isaac Watt’s Hymns and Spiritual Songs
Hume  1711-1776  
Steam engine  1712  
Queen Anne of England     
Longitude Act – London England  July 8 1714  
  1715-1770 George Whitfield
Bank notes used in England  1718  
  1726 First Great Awakening begins
Coffee planted in Brazil  1727  
  1727 Awakening at Hernhut Launches Moravian Brethren
  1735 Great Awakening Under Jonathan Edwards
Rubber introduced to Europe from Central America  1736  
  1738 John Wesley’s Conversion
  1741  Start of first U.S. Revival – George Whitfield
  1741-1743  The First Great Awakening – The Revivals are in about 50-year cycles
Celsius devised Centigrade scale  1742  
Kant  1742-1804  
Fahrenheit (1686?1736), discovered Temperature scale  1746  
Gregorian Calendar adopted  Sept 3 1752  
First Dictionary  1755  
Mozart  1756-1791  
   Mid 18th cent. Major denominations Establish American organizations
  1759-1833 William Wilberforce
  1761-1834 William Carey
  1768-1834 F. Schleiermacher
Beethoven  1770-1827  
Hegel  1770-1831  
  1772 Circuit riders begin their ministry
Longitude Solution – John Harrison clockmaker  1773  
American Revolution  1775-1783  
  1780 Robert Raikes Begins Sunday Schools
French Revolution  1789-1799  
  1890  Revival – Charles Finney
Industrial Revolution Mid 18th-early 20thcent.  
Restoration Movement 19th cent.  
Liberalism/Modernism 19th-20thcent.  
Metric system introduced to France  1793  
  1793 William Carey Sails for India
  1799-1807  The Second Great Awakening
    1800-present Modern Church
  1800-1830s  Second Great Awakening
  1800  Revival
  1800  Society of Biblical Literature
  1801-1890  John Henry
Atomic theory  1802  
  1807  The British Parliament Votes to Abolish the Slave Trade
  1807 Robert Morrison 1st missionary to China. Translated the Chinese Bible
Darwin  1809-1882  
  1811 The Campbells Begin the Disciples of Christ
  1812 Adoniram and Ann Judson Sail for India
  1812 Moses Hess
  1813-1883 Soren Kierkegaard
  1816 Richard Allen Founds African Methodist Episcopal Church
  1817 Elizabeth Fry Begins Ministry to Women in Prison
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