Mary sings a song of praise to God – Luke 1:46-56

Mary offered a hymn of praise to God as she and Elizabeth greeted each other.

The hymn points out eight of the characteristics of God.

Miriam, or Mary as we call her in English, was a devout Jew living in the town of Nazareth.

The exact lineage of how Mary and Elizabeth were related is uncertain. But Elizabeth was from the tribe of Levi and Mary was from the tribe of Judah. One of the ways they could be related is if a Levite man married a girl from Judah, which often happened.

Elizabeth may have been the only person that Mary could have trusted to talk to about the birth to come.

The angel of the Lord hinted that Mary could talk to Elizabeth who, at the time, was six months pregnant.

Another way was if Elizabeth was Joseph’s sister.
If Mary had no brothers, Joseph would have been adopted by Mary’s father. Joseph would then become the son of Mary’s father so that the inheritance that was passed on to Mary would stay in her family. See Zelophehad’s daughters – Numbers 36:1-12.

In Hebrew Miriam or Mary means: bitter.
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Mary and Joseph had other children after Mary gave birth to Jesus.

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