Questions and Answers 1-28

1. Who steals Isaac’s blessing and from whom?

2. Who had a dream about a ladder and angels?

3. Who married Rachel the daughter of Laban ?

4. Who was the father of Rachel?

5. Who did Leah marry?

6. Who did Bilhah serve?

7. Who was the servant of Leah?

8. How many sons did Jacob have?

9. Who found some mandrakes for his mother?

10. Who do Jacob and his family flee from?

11. What is recorded in the Bible in Chapter 36?

12. Who has two dreams?

13. Who was put down a well?

14. Did Tamar marry Judah?

15. Who does Joseph run away from?

16. What did Joseph say to the cupbearer of the King of Egypt?

17. What did Joseph say to the chief Baker to the King of Egypt?

18. How many of Joseph’s brothers made the first trip to Egypt for food?

19. Why did Joseph’s brothers make a second trip to Egypt?

20. Which sack did Joseph ask his sliver cup to be put into?

21. Who moves to Egypt in a cart?

22. Name the sons that were born to Joseph?

23. Name the younger brother to Manasseh?

24. Ephraim in Hebrew means?

25. Did Jacob bless his twelve sons just before he dies?

26. How old was Jacob when he died?

27. Joseph was 30 years old when the Pharaoh of Egypt made him what?

28. In which chapter and verse do you find the 300 year gap between Joseph and Moses?

1. Jacob and from Esau.

2. Jacob.

3. Jacob.

4. Laban.

5. Jacob.

6. Rachel.

7. Zilpah.

8. 12.

9. Reuben.

10. Laban.

11. Esau’s descendants.

12. Joseph.

13. Joseph.

14. No.

15. Potiphar’s wife.

16. He would be restored to his position as cupbearer for the King

17. The dream was in three days he would die.

18. 10 brothers.

19. For more food.

20. Benjamin.

21. Jacob.

22. Manasseh and Ephraim.

23. Ephraim

24. Double fruitfulness.

25. Yes.

26. 147 years.

27. Second in charge.

28. Exodus 1:7-10.

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