Questions 1-23

23 Questions:

1. Who lead the people of Israel after Moses died?

2. Who was Joshua’s assistant?

3. Joshua sent how may scouts or spies into the promised land?

4. Who did Rahab look after?

5. What happened when Israel crossed the Jordan River?

6. Was Jericho the first city captured by Israel under Joshua?

7. Why did Israel lose the first battle to take the city of Ai?

8. Name a woman who is in Jesus’ family tree?

9. When Israel did whatever seemed right in their own opinion what happened?

10. What happened to the Concubine of the Levite?

11. What happened to the daughters dancing at the tabernacle festival of Shiloh?

12. Was Othniel first Judge of Israel?

13. What was Ehud’s, the second Judge, first act?

14. What was Shamgar the third Judge famous for?

15. Was Deborah the only woman Judge or Ruler in the time of the Judges?

16. What was Barak’s roll under Deborah?

17. What had Deborah ask Barak to do?

18. What does Jael or Yael mean in Hebrew?

19. What did the Angel of God say to Gideon the fifth Judge of Israel?

20. 300 men in front of Gideon did what the other men did not do?

21. Was Abimelech the seventh Judge of Israel?

22. Why did Jotham gave a curse against the people of Shechem and Abimelech?

23. What number judge was Tola?


1. Joshua.

2. Caleb.

3. Two.

4. The two Spies.

5. It stopped flowing .

6. Yes.

7. Sin in the camp.

8. Rahab.

9. They forgot God.

10. She died.

11. Some became wives for Benjamite men.

12. Yes.

13. Ehud’s first act was to deceive Eglon the king of Moab into seeing him alone and then killing him with a dagger he brought for the purpose.

14. He slaughtered 600 invading Philistines with an oxgoad.

15. Yes.

16. The commander of the army.

17. Go and defeat Sisera.

18. Nubian Ibex.

19. To get a group of fighting men.

20. Keep the men who lap water with their hands to their mouths.

21. No he was the sixth Judge of Israel.

22. Because they chose Abimelech, as the new Judge or King.

23. Seventh.

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