Questions and Answers 1-19


1. The northern kingdom was called the House of Israel and the southern kingdom was called the House of Judah. Is this correct?

2. Who was murdered by Baasha while they were at war with the Philistines?

3. How many years did King Baasha rule the House of Israel?

4. Who killed King Elah the 4th King of the House Israel?

5. How did King Zimri the 5th King of Israel die?

6. What were to two places King Omri 6th Israel ruled from?

7. Who married Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal I the King of the Tyre?

8. What did King Ahaziah 8th King Israel not have?

9. How did King Jehoram 9th Israel die?

10. What did God do during King Jehu, the 10th King of Israel, reign?

11. Because of the sins of King Jehoahaz the 11th King of Israel God allowed what?

12. What would King Jehoash the 12th King of Israel do before his death?

13. How many named prophets were around when King Jeroboam 2nd the 13th King of Israel ruled?

14. How did King Zechariah the 14th King of Israel fulfill a prophecy of God?

15. What did King Shallum the 15th King of Israel do to the previous king of the house of Israel?

16. What was King Menahem the 16th King of Israel to his people?

17. How did King Pekahiah the 17th King of Israel die?

18. What did God think of King Pekah the 18th King of Israel rule?

19. Where was King Hoshea the last King of Israel taken to:


1. The northern kingdom was called the House of Israel and the southern kingdom was called the House of Judah.

2. King Nadab.

3. Twenty four years.

4. Elah was killed by one of his officers, Zimri.

5. Committed suicide by fire.

6. Tirzah and Samaria.

7. He married King Ahab.

8. No son to succeed him as 9th king of Israel.

9. Murdered by Jehu an army officer.

10. During the reign of King Jehu God started to reduce the size of the northern Kingdom of Israel.

11. King Hazael of Syria to defeat the House Israel time after time.

12. He would defeat Ben-hadad son of King Hazael of Syria, three times.

13. Four- Hosea, Joel, Jonah, and Amos.

14. The death of King Zechariah ended the dynasty of Jehu after four generations, fulfilling the prophecy by God in 2 Kings 10:30.

15. Murdered the previous king.

16. Very cruel.

17. Pekah an army officer with fifty men of Gilead assassinated King Pekahiah.

18. He sinned against the Lord and led Israel into sin.

19. Was taken to Assyria as a captive.

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