Questions and Answers 1-14

1. Which of the sons of King Solomon became king after he had died?

2. The northern kingdom was called the House of Israel and the southern kingdom was called the House of Judah. Is this correct?

3. Did King Asa rule for 41 years?

4. Who was murdered by Baasha while they were at war with the Philistines?

5. Who married Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal 1 the King of the Tyre?

6. What did the Widow of Zarephath receive?

7. Who did Elijah the prophet on Mount Carmel fight against?

8. How did Queen Jezebel die?

9. What did God think of King Ahab killing Naboth the Jezreelite?

10. What did Micaiah son of Imlah a prophet foretell?

11. Who did Elisha the prophet take over from?

12. What was Elisha’s second of 32 Miracles?

13. What was the miracle of the Widow’s oil?

14. What did Elisha do for the Shunammite woman?

Answers for questions 1-14:

1. King Rehoboam.

2. yes.

3. yes.

4. King Nadab.

5. King Ahab.

6. Dead son back to life.

7. The Baal prophets.

8. Her servants threw her out a window.

9. Brought God’s displeasure, which included the end of their family line, and the disgraceful death of Queen Jezebel.

10. Micaiah foretold the fall of King Ahab at the battle of Ramoth Gilead.

11. Elijah.

12. Healing of the water.

13. She was told to get many jars and fill them with oil from her one small jar.

14. Had her son restored back to life.

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