Questions and Answers to questions 1 to 44

Questions and Answers to questions 1 to 44 inclusive – the answers are taken from the website.

1. What is your favorite Image and why?

2. Who wrote the Book of Revelation and when?

3. What does Revelation 1:8 say Jesus is?

4. John on the Island of Patmos – how big is the Island?

5. How many churches did John write to?

6. How many characteristics of Jesus are there and name them?

7. Who alone holds the keys of authority and control of Death and Hades?

8. First Church, Ephesus, what image is used?

9. Second Church, Smyrna, what image is used?

10. Third Church, Pergamum, what image is used?

11. Fourth Church, Thyatira, what image is used?

12. Fifth Church, Sardis, what image is used?

13. Sixth Church, Philadelphia, what image is used?

14. Seventh Church, Laodicea, what image is used?

15. What does God sit on in Heaven?

16. What can nobody but Jesus open?

17. 1st seal – the white horse and rider. What is the rider up to?

18. The Second seal – the red horse. What does this horse and rider bring?

19. 3rd Seal – the black horse. What does this horse and rider bring?

20. The Fourth Seal – the pale or green horse. The name of the rider?

21. 5th Seal – White Robes. Who are these people with white robes?

22. 6th Seal – what does this seal bring?

23. 144,000 men. What nation do they come from?

24. Believers in white robes holding palm branches. Are they alive?

25. Who opens the Seventh Seal?

26. Angel with the Golden Censer. What does he do?

27. What did the 1st Trumpet deliver?

28. What did the second Trumpet or second Shofar deliver?

29. What did the Judgment of the Third trumpet or Shofar deliver?

30. What did the Judgment of the Fourth Trumpet or 4th Shofar deliver?

31. The first Horror – what was flying in mid air?

32. What did the Fifth Trumpet or fifth Shofar deliver?

33. The Second Horror, calamity, terror, is what?

34. What did the Sixth Trumpet or sixth Shofar do?

35. The Angel. What was over his head?

36. What was John told to do with The Little Scroll?

37. 1260 Days of the Gentiles. What do the non believers do to the Temple?

38. 1260 Days of the Two Witnesses What will they wear?

39. Who are or what are The Two Witnesses of God?

40. The Earthquake destroyed how many people in which city?

41. What happens when the The Seventh Trumpet or shofar sounds?

42. Announcement of the third horror. What does it say about the saints and prophets?

43. The opening of the heavenly Ark of God implies that?

44. What is your favorite image now?

Answers to the first 44 Questions.
1. Your choice is the correct answer.

2. The Apostle John between AD90-AD95.

3. I am the Alpha and the Omega.

4. Rocky island is about 9km by 50km.

5. Seven.

6. 8 characteristics of Jesus. 1. His body. 2. His Hair. 3. His Eyes. 4. His Feet. 5. His Voice. 6. His Right Hand. 7. His Mouth. 8. His Countenance.

7. Jesus.

8. The Tree of Life.

9. Satan.

10. Manna.

11. Morning Star.

12. White robes.

13. Holy City.

14. The Door to your Heart.

15. The Throne of God.

16. The Scroll with Seven Seals.

17. Its rider had a bow, and a victor’s crown had been given to him. He went out as a conqueror to conquer.

18. Judgment and warfare.

19. Famine and diseases.

20. Death.

21. The righteous saints who had been killed.

22. Blackness.

23. 1444,000 Jewish men.

24. No.

25. Jesus opens the Seventh Seal

26. Took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it on the earth.

27. Hail and fire mixed with blood.

28. One third of the sea turned to blood, a third of the sea creatures died, a third of the ships were destroyed.

29. A Star called wormwood.

30. 1/3 of the Sun, of the moon and of the Stars became dark and that caused 1/3 of the day to be without light, 1/3 of the night also to be without light.

31. An eagle was flying in mid air.

32. A Star fell to earth, this Star was given the key to the shaft of hell.

33. Over.

34. Released 200 million soldiers for war.

35. There was a rainbow over his head.

36. Eat it.

37. They will trample the Holy City for 42 months.

38. Sackcloth, the authority to prophesy.

39. These witnesses are the two olive trees and the two lamp stands standing in the presence of the Lord of the earth.

40. Killed seven thousand people in Jerusalem.

41. The kingdoms of this world have become those of our Lord and of His Son Jesus the Messiah.

42. Our brothers conquered him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony.

43. God is about to do something and also talk with His chosen and redeemed people.

44. Your choice is the correct answer.

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