AD700 — AD1400 -TIME LINES

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WORLD/SECULAR HISTORY year/month/day Christian History and Jewish History
Historical events in Politics and Business Events and history that happened in both faiths
including Christian & Jewish person
555-647 Christological controversies
590 Gregory 1 becomes Pope
600 Gregorian Sacramentary
602 See of Canterbury is founded
Persians invade Rome 602
Jerusalem falls to Islam 637
Arabs storm the Mediterranean 637-732
664 Synod of Whitby
673-735 Bede
680-754 Boniface
Dome of the Rock Completed 691
725-842 Iconoclastic controversies
716 Boniface Sets Out as Missionary
731 Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of England
731 The Venerable Bede Completes His Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation
732 The Battle of Tours
Charlemagne 742-814
754 Germany is Christianized
789 Roman Rite is compulsory in the West
Carolingian Renaissance Late 8th through early 9th century
Vikings invade Europe 793-1016
793  Monastery Lindisfarne attacked by the Vikings
795  Monastery Iona attacked by the Vikings
800 Alcuin’s Missal
800 Charlemagne Crowned Emperor
Holy Roman Empire 800-1806
830 Christianity reaches Sweden
Arabs discover Coffee 850
Moldboard plow and harness are invented 850
863 Cyril and Methodius Evangelize Slavs
909 Monastery Established at Cluny
Arab arithmetic comes to Europe 975
988 Russia is Christianized
988 Conversion of Vladimir, Prince of Russia
Leif Ericsson discovers America 1000
Romanesque architecture 1000-1140
1020  King Canute banished all Jews from England
1033-1109 Anselm of Canterbury
1025-1028 Norway is converted
AD1033   Or there about. A major Earthquake in Israel damaged many buildings
1050-1350 High Middle Ages

1054-1378 Medieval Church

1054 Great East-West Schism
1059-1109 Investiture Controversy
Norman Conquest of England 1066
1078-1500 Scholasticism
1079-1142 Peter Abelard
1084 Cartusian Order
1090-1153 Bernard of Clairvaux
1093 Anselm Becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
1095-1291 Crusades
1098-1179 Hildegard of Bingen
1095 Pope Urban II Launches the First Crusade -Peter the Hermit
1098 Anselm’s Cur deus Homo
1100-1160 Peter Lombard
Rashi dies 1105
1115 Bernard Founds the Monastery at Clairvaux
1118-1170 Thomas a’ Becket
1123 Lateran Council
1139 Lateran Council II
1150 Glossa Ordinaria
C. 1150 Universities of Paris and Oxford Founded
1155 Peter Lombard’s Sentences
1170-1221 Dominic
1173 Peter Waldo Founds the Waldensians
1179 Lateran Council III
1180  Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah
1181-1226 Francis of Assisi
Saladin takes Jerusalem 1187
12th-13thcent. Jewish Kabbala
1206 Francis of Assisi Renounces Wealth
1208  Albigensian Crusade 4th
1210 Franciscan Order
1212 Children’s Crusade 5th of 8 crusades
Genghis Khan’s invasions 1214-1223
1215 Lateran Council IV
1215 The Fourth Lateran Council
Magna Carta 1215
1216 Dominican Order
1225-1274 Thomas Aquinas
1231 Inquisition begins
1237 Sacrum Rite
Gothic architecture 1140-1600
1245-1247 Council of Lyons I & II
1260-1327 Meister Eckhart
1265-1308 Johannes Duns
1265 Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica
1273 Thomas Aquinas Completes Work on Summa Theologica
Marco Polo is in China 1275-1292
Fall of Acre 1291
1293  First Christian Missionary reaches China

1350-1500 Renaissance

14th cent. Conciliar theory
1309-1376 Avignon papacy
1311-1313 Council of Vienne
1320 Dante’s Divine Comedy
1320-1384 John Wycliffe
1321 Dante Completes The Divine Comedy
Hundred Years’ War 1337-1453
1342-1417 Juliana of Norwich
1347-1380 Catherine of Siena
Black Death 1348-135
1350 In Germany Jews were charged with causing it by poisoning the wells
1360- 1427 Jacob Molin – standardized Jewish life into Tradition
  Crusaders: Crusaders under Peter I of Cyprus sack Alexandria 1365
Statutes of Kilkenny prohibit intermarriage
between Irish and Normans
Latter Muslim India 1366
Mongal Driven out of China 1368

1378-1517 Late Medieval Church

1372-1415   John Huss
1378 Catherine of Siena Goes to Rome to Heal the Great Schism
1378-1417 Rome Avignon schism
C. 1380 Wycliffe Oversees English Bible Translation
1386 Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
 Islam: Ottoman Turks complete conquest of Asia Minor C.1390  
1391  Spain: Massacres of Jews in Castile
1394  Expulsion of the Jews from France.
1400 October Chaucer murdered?.
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