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WORLD/SECULAR HISTORY year/month/day Christian History and Jewish History
Historical events in Politics and Business   Events and history that happened in both faiths
including Christian & Jewish persons    
   AD62  Christianity came to Egypt
Roman Emperor Nero (Nero means black)  AD54-AD68  Paul’s trial Acts 25:10-12 26:32 28:19 2 Timothy 4:16-17
The fire in Rome – summer  AD64-July-19  The fire in Rome
  AD66  Jews suffered persecution under Gessius Florius, Roman Governor of Judea
  AD66-AD70  Great Revolt
Roman Emperor Calba  AD68-AD69  
Roman Emperor Otto   AD69  
Early Sub- Apostolic Church
  ??-AD100  Clement of Rome
  AD69-AD155  Polycarp
Roman Emperor Vespasian  AD69-AD79  
  AD70  Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem
  AD70  Roman army 100,000 strong marched against Jerusalem
  2nd Sept AD70  Titus Vespasian’s son Destroys Jerusalem
  AD73  Masada falls
Josephus’ Jewish War  AD77  Josephus’ Jewish War
Vesuvius erupts – Naples Italy  AD79  
Roman Emperor Titus  AD79-AD81  
  AD80-AD100  Christianity reached India
Roman Emperor Domitian  AD81-AD96  
The Emperor Domitian begins his persecution of Christians  AD94  
  AD96  John writes The Book of Revelation
Murder of Emperor Domitian  AD96  
Roman Emperor Marcus Cocceius Nerva  AD96-AD98  Nerva releases John from the Island of Patmos
Roman Emperor Trajan  AD98-AD117  
Paper is invented in China  AD100  
  AD100  Gospel of Thomas
  AD100-AD165  Justin Martyr
Roman Emperor Hadrian  AD117-AD138  
  AD120  Growth of the Gnostic movement
  AD120  Didache
Hadrian orders for a wall 73 miles long to be built in Britannia  AD122-127  
  AD130-???  Gnosticism
  AD135  Hadrian devastated Palestine. 580,000 perished including Christians
  AD135  Destruction of Jerusalem again
  AD144  Death of Marcio
Lake Tapou formed  AD146  
  AD150  Justin Martyr Writes His Apology
  AD156  The Martyrdom of Polycarp of Smyrna
  AD160-AD225  Tertullian
  AD175  Apostolic succession lists
  AD177  Irenaeus Becomes Bishop of Lyons
  AD196  Tertullian Begins to Write Christian Books
  AD200  Canon selection is complete
  AD205  Origen begins to write Christian books
Han Empire (China) ends  AD220  
Goths invade Europe  AD220-AD269  
  AD225-AD647  Christological controversies
Persecuition under the emperor Maximinus  AD235-AD238  
  AD249-AD251  Decian
  AD251  Cyprian writes On the Unity of the Church
  AD251-AD356  Anthony of Egypt
  AD257-AD260  Valerianic
  AD258  Martyrdom of Cyprian
  AD263-339  Origen
  AD263-339  Eusebius
  AD270  Anthony Begins His Life as a Hermit
Emperor Diocletian  AD284-AD305  Killed many Christians
  AD296-373  Athanasius
  AD300  Strong Christian church in China
Constantine became Emperor  AD306-AD337  
  AD312  The Conversion of Constantine
Victory at the Milvian bridge  AD312  
Constantine issues the Edict of Milan  AD313  Christians free to worship
  AD323  Building of St Peter’s, Rome, begins
  AD325  Nicene Council
  AD325-AD381  Nicene Creed
Post-Nicene Church
  4th-5th century  Donatism
  AD325-381  Controversy over Arianism
  326  Church of the Holy Sepulchre is built
  330-379  Basil the Great
Constine moves to Constantinople  AD330  
King Ezana of Axum becomes the first Christian king in Africa  AD330  
  339-397  Ambrose of Milan
  342-420  Jerome
  344-407  John Chrysostom
  354-430  Augustine of Hippo
  358-394  Cappadocian Fathers
  367  Athanasius’s Letter Recognizes the New Testament Canon
  381  Council of Constantinople
  384  Egeria’s Travels
  385  Bishop Ambrose Defies the Empress
  386-460  St Patrick
  387  Conversion of Augustine
  396  Augustine becomes Bishop of Hippo
  397  Latin Vulgate
Roman Empire is divided into East and West  395  
  398  John Chrysostom becomes Bishop of Constantinople
  ?-460  Patrick
  405  Jerome completes the Vulgate
  AD400-529  Pelagianism
  AD?-432  Patrick goes as a missionary to Ireland
Visigoths invade Europe  AD410-711  
  AD416  Teaching of Pelagius Condemned
  AD423  Rule of St. Augustine
  AD428  Athanasian Creed
Vandals storm the Mediterranean  AD429-533  
Huns invade the Gupta Empire, in India  AD430-470  
  AD431  Council of Ephesus
  AD432  Patrick Goes as Missionary to Ireland
Angles and Saxons invade Britain  440  
  AD451  The council of Chalcedon
Post-Nicene Church ends
   AD641 17th March  St Patrick died
Arab Conquest of Egypt   AD641  
Early Medieval Church
Romlus Augusttulus last emperor in West Rome  AD476  
Fall of the Roman Empire
Eastern Roman Empire now know as Byzantine
Early Middle Ages
  AD448-AD899  birth of Alfred the Great
  AD480-AD547  Benedict of Nursia
  AD511  Catholic Christianity is established in Gaul
  AD520  Boethius Consolation of philosophy
Justinian Emperor east  AD527-565  
  AD529  Benedict of Nursia establishes his monastic order
  AD529-540  Rule of St. Benedict
  AD530  Monophysite
  AD540-604  Gregory the Great
  AD555-647  Christological controversies
  AD563  Columba goes as a missionary to Scotland
Lombards invade Italy  AD568-573  
Mohammed died June 8th 632 Medina where his grave is  AD570-632  
  AD590  Gregory 1 becomes Pope
  AD600  Gregorian Sacramentary
  AD602  See of Canterbury is founded
Persians invade Rome  AD602  
Jerusalem falls to Islam  AD637  
  AD555-647  Christological controversies
Arabs storm the Mediterranean  637-732  
  AD664  Synod of Whitby
  AD673-735  Bede
  AD680-754  Boniface
Dome of the Rock Completed  AD691  
  AD725-842  Iconoclastic controversies
  AD716  Boniface Sets Out as Missionary
The Venerable Bede Completes His Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation  AD731  
  AD732  The Battle of Tours
Charlemagne  AD742-AD814  
  AD754  Germany is Christianized
  AD789  Roman Rite is compulsory in the West
Carolingian Renaissance  Late 8th through early 9th century  
Vikings invade Europe  AD793-1016  
  AD793  Monastery Lindisfarne attacked by the Vikings
  AD795  Monastery Iona attacked by the Vikings
The next section of the time line between AD700 – AD1400   The next section of the time line between AD700 – AD1400