Acts part Two, Paul, John and others – AD53-AD100

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ACTS PART 2 – AD53-AD100

Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
1st Thessalonians 2 Thessalonians Acts (Paul’s 2nd and 3rd books) 15:36-18:28 AD49 Corinth AD49
(Paul’s 2nd and 3rd books) AD49 Corinth
SEE THE BOOKS OF 1st Thessalonians 2nd Thessalonians AD49 Corinth
SEE THE BOOKS OF 1st Thessalonians 2nd Thessalonians AD49 Corinth
1st Thessalonians written from Corinth early summer June-July AD Corinth AD51
In Athens the unknown god Acts 17:15-34 Summer-June-Aug AD51 1st Thess 1:9 Athens AD51
Do not get angry Acts 18:1-17 AD51 AD51
Paul wrote 2nd Thessalonians 2nd Thessalonians AD49 Corinth
Final Greetings 2nd Thessalonians 3:16-18 AD49 Corinth
Departure from Corinth 18:18 Autumn early September AD Corinth AD52
Paul at Cenchrea cut off his hair because of a vow 18:18 AD49 Cenchrea
Ephesus 18:19 mid September AD49 Ephesus AD52
The Feast of Tabernacles is held mid August. Paul wanted to be in Jerusalem by Sep of AD52 AD49 Jerusalem AD52
Paul – Ephesus to Cenchrea 18:22 AD49 Ephesus to Cenchrea
Paul’s 4th visit to Jerusalem 18:22 late September AD49 Jerusalem AD52
Return to Antioch 18:22 early/mid November AD49 Antioch AD52
Paul’s stay at Antioch rest between 2nd — 3rd trip – 20 years after death of Jesus Dec JanFeb winter 52-53 Feb winter 52-53 Antioch AD52/53
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey 4th map Acts 18:23-21:16 spring March-April 53-Spring May AD57 AD57
Next 43 Years of the Book of Acts – the third missionary trip Acts 18:23 AD53 Antioch in Syria] AD53
The third missionary trip Trip Length four years AD53 AD53
Paul’s departure from Antioch 18:23 Spring AD53 AD57
Paul Visiting Galatia 18:23 AD
Paul visits Galatia and Phrygia churches 18:23 Spring – summer AD53 AD53
Apollos arrives at Ephesus 18:24-26 AD53 Ephesus
Apollos to Achaia 18:27-28 AD53 Achaia
Apollos talks about Jesus 18:28 AD49 Achaia
Paul’s Arrival at Ephesus 19:1-41 September AD53 AD53 Ephesus AD53
Apollos at Corinth 19:1 AD Corinth
Paul headed to Ephesus 19:1-7 Ephesus
School of Tyrannus in Ephesus for about 2 years 19:8-11 AD49
Claudius died 54 Nero (black). New Emperor aged 17 years Oct 54-68,69 see 25:11 October AD Rome AD54
The Sons of Sceva 19:13-17 AD AD
Burning of books in Ephesus 19:18-20 September AD52 Ephesus AD52
1st Corinthians written from Ephesus (Paul’s 4th book-spanking the saints) early spring March-April AD56 Ephesus AD56
Mirror 1st Corinthians 13:12 May AD56 Ephesus AD56
Riot over loss of income 19:23-41 AD49
Departure from Ephesus 19:41 early May AD56 Ephesus AD56
late spring May 56 late spring May 56 AD49 AD56
Arrival in Macedonia 20:1 early summer June AD56 Macedonia AD56
2nd Corinthians written from Macedonia (Paul’s 5th letter) Autumn September/October AD56 Macedonia AD56
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Satan as a angel of light 4th letter 2nd Corinthians 11:5-11 May AD56 AD56 Macedoina AD56
Brotherly Love 2nd Corinthians 13:11-14 AD Macedoina
Departure from Macedonia 20:1-2 AD Macedonia
Arrival in Corinth 20:2 mid November AD56 Corinth AD56
Romans written from Corinth (Paul’s 6th letter 7th NT book of 27 books)
written from Corinth (Paul’s 6th letter 7th NT book of 27 books)
Romans Corinth December – February AD56-AD57 AD49 Corinth AD56-AD57
Golden calf Romans 1:18-25 winter AD57 Corinth AD57
Phoebe a Deaconess – Carried Paul’s 6th letter from Corinth to Rome Romans
years later in February AD60] [ Phoebe a Deaconess at a church at Cenchrea a city on the coast near Corinth Rome 3-4 years later in February AD60]
Paul made it to Rome 3-4
16:1 AD49
Tertius scribes Romans for Paul. ROMANS 6th book written by Paul from Greece Romans 16:22 winter Nov56 – Feb57 AD49 Corinth
Olive Tree Romans 11:1-32 July AD49 Corinth AD49
ROMANS 6th book written by Paul from Greece winter Nov 56 – Feb 57 page 22 Corinth Greece AD56/7
Departure from Corinth. Names: Timothy-Lystra, Trophimus-Ephesus, Gaius-Derebe, Tynicus-Asia etc 20:3-4 late February 57 AD57 AD57
Troas AD49 Troas 20:5
Philippi 20:6 April 6th-14th 57 AD Philippi AD57
Left Philippi after the Feast of Unleavened Bread or Passover, days later arrived at Troas 20:6 AD49
Troas for 7 days 20:7-12 April 19th-25th 57 AD57 AD57
Paul raises sleeping listener from dead 20:7-12 AD
Troas to Assos 20:13 Monday April 25th 57 AD57 Ad57
Assos to Mitylene 20: April 26th AD57 AD57
Mitylene to Chios 20: April 26th AD57 AD57
Kios to Trogyllium 20: April 28th AD57 AD57
Trogyllium to Miletus 20: April 29th AD57 AD57
Ephesians elders see Paul 20:17-38 April 30th – May 2nd AD57 AD57
Ship 20:38 AD
Cos 21:1 AD
Rhodes 21:1 AD49 Rhodes
Patara AD57 Patara AD57
Letter to the Galatians AD49 Antioch
Patara to Tyre 21:2-3 May 5th – 9th AD57 Patara to Tyre AD57
Stay at Tyre 21:3-6 May 10th – 16th 57 AD57 Tyre AD57
Disciples 21:1-6 AD AD
Tyre to Ptolemais by ship 21:6-7 May 17th – 19th 57 AD AD
Ptolemais to Caesarea AD Ptolemais to Caesarea AD
Stay at Caesarea 21:8-9 May 19th – 25th AD Caesarea AD
Philip and his 4 daughters 21:9 AD AD
Agabus 21:10-16 AD Agabus AD
Caesarea Jerusalem 21:17 May 25th – 27th AD AD
Paul’s Conversion, waiting 8 years, pre 5 years, 3 missionary trips 9 years, prisoner 11 years, Rome death 8 years Romans December – February AD56-AD57 Corinth
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Paul’s 5th visit on eve of Pentecost May 27th 57 AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Meeting with James the less the brother of Jesus 21:18-23 May 28th 57 AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Their orders to Paul and outcome 21:24-25 AD??
Map 3 or 4 Paul’s Trials and Imprisonments 21:26-40 May 57-February AD60 May 57-February Jerusalem AD60
Map 3 or 4 Paul’s Trials and Imprisonments 21:26 – 28-29 x May 57-February AD60
Paul’s Arrest and trial etc 21:26-24:22 May 29th – June 9th AD57 Jerusalem AD57
First day 21: Sunday May 29 AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Second day 21: May 30th AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Third day 21: May 31st AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Fourth 21: June 1st AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Fifth day of purification arrested in temple 1st riot 21:27-36 June 2nd AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Fifth day of purification Paul’s speech to the crowd and 2nd riot 21:37-38 22:1-23 June 2nd AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Commander – Claudius Lysias 21:33 AD49 Jerusalem
Paul a Roman citizen 22:24-29 AD?? Jerusalem
Paul before the Sanhedrin First of several trials for Paul 22:30-23:11 June 3rd AD57 Jeruselem AD57
Paul before the High Priest Ananias and the Sanhedrin, Acts 23:1-23 AD57 Jeruselem AD57
Appearance of the Lord (night) 23:11 June 4th 57 AD57 Jerusalem AD57
Conspiracy (day) plot against Paul’s life 23:12-22 June 4th AD57 Jerusalem AD57
A Journey to Antipatris (night) 23:23-31 June 5th AD57 Antipatris AD57
Journey to Caesarea (day) 23:23-25 AD Caesarea AD
Waiting in Caesarea for 2nd trial 23:23 – 35 June 5th – 9th 57 AD57 Caesarea AD57
Trial 2 before Govenor Felix 24:1-23 Thursday June 9th AD57 Caesarea AD57
Trial 3 Paul before Governor or Procurators Antonius Felix (52-59 )and wife 24:24-27 June AD57 Caesarea AD57
Drusilla Sister of Herod Agrippa 2. Her 1st marriage was to King Azizus of Emesa AD Caesarea AD
Caesarean imprisonment continues ( 2 years in prison) 24:27 to 26:32 June 57 – July AD57-59 Caesarea AD57-59
Paul’s fourth trial was in front of Festus Acts 25:1-12 July AD59 Caesarea AD59
A Appeal to Ceaser (Nero=black Oct 54-68,69) 26:32 AD59 Caesarea AD59
Trial 4 before Porcius Festus (59-62) the new governor 25:1-12 July 59 AD59 Caesarea AD59
Trial 5 before King Agrippa 2 (AD49-AD92) and sister Bernice AD Caesarea
25:13-32 early August 59 AD59 Caesarea AD59
King Agrippa 2 Bernice, Drusilla children of Herod Agrippa 1(Acts 12) (Ruled 49-92) 25:23 -26:1-32 AD Caesarea
Paul still in chains 26:29 AD Caesarea
King Agrippa 2 talks to Govenor Porcius Festus 26:32 May 59 – August 59 – Feb 60 AD59-60 Caesarea AD59-60
Voyage to Rome 4th travel 5th map Sails 27:1and 28:1-28 May 57-Aug 57-Feb60 AD57-AD60 Caesarea AD57-60
Departure from Caesarea on a ship from the port of Adramyttium 27:1-2 middle of August 59 AD59 Caesarea AD59
Paul a prisoner sails for Rome in chains Acts 27:1-12 after The Fast AD58 Caesarea AD58
Aristarchus, a Macedonian from Thessalonica 27:2 AD59 AD59
Sidon 27:3 AD59 Sidon AD59
Myra in Lyica and changed ships 27:5-6 early September 59 AD59 Myra in Lyica AD59
Fair Havens 27:8 October 5-10 59 AD59 Fair Havens AD59
After the Fast Yom Kippur Day of Atonement 27:9 October 5th-10th AD59 AD59
Paul’s warning 27:9-12 AD AD
Storm 27:13-38 AD AD59
Shipwreck at Malta Autumn equinox gales (sun over equator) 27:39-44 late October 59 AD Malta AD59
Paul with snake that bit him 28:1-6 a a a Malta AD59-AD60
Healing people on the Island of Malta 28:7-10 Oct AD59 – Feb AD60 AD59-60 Malta AD59-60
Departure from Malta 28:11 early February 60 AD60 Malta AD60
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Syracuse 28:12 AD Syracuse AD
Rhegium (now called Reggio) opposite Sicily 28:13 AD AD
A8569 Puteoli in the Bay of Naples 28:13-14 Feb AD60 AD60
Forum of Appius approx 80k from Rome 28:15 AD60 AD60
Three Taverns approx 50km from Rome 28:15 AD60 AD60
Arrival in Rome 28:15 end of February AD60 a Rome AD60
Paul’s last recorded sermons 28:17-28 Feb 60 – March62 AD60 a Rome AD60
First Roman imprisonment Acts 28:17-31 Feb 60 – March62 AD60 Rome AD60
Paul allowed to rent a house this is were the writing of Acts finishes 28:30-31 Feb 60 – March 62 AD60 Rome AD60
END OF THE BOOK OF ACTS AS WRITTEN BY LUKE, who wrote his account approx 5 years later in AD59-AD69 28:31 AD60 AD60
Gospel of Luke written by Luke AD60 AD60
Paul’s 1st imprisonment in Rome – Wrote four books in prison in Rome AD 60-62 Acts 28:17-31 End of Acts Feb 60 – March 62 AD60-62 Rome AD60-62
Paul’s 1st imprisonment in Rome wrote four books in prison in Rome AD60-62
1. Ephesians see page 28 Autumn AD60AD
2. Colossians see page 29 Autumn AD61
3. Philemon see page 30 Autumn AD61
4. Philippians see page 31 Early spring AD62
AD60-AD62 Rome AD60-62
Paul’s 7th letter Rome (Body Building) Ephesians Autumn (Sept-Nov) AD60 Rome AD60
Soldier – Armour of GOD Ephesians 6;10 Autumn AD60 AD60 Rome AD60
Paul’s 8th letter Rome Bondage to Brotherhood. Philemon was a leader of the church at Colosse Philemon Autumn(Sept-Nov) AD61 Rome AD61
Welcome Onesimus back Philemon 1:17 Autumn (Sept- Nov) AD61 Rome AD61
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Paul’s 9th letter. Commander n chief Colossians Autumn (Sept -Nov) AD61 Rome AD61
Colossians Tychicus takes Paul’s letter Autumn AD61 Rome AD61
Philippians Paul’s 10th letter. How to be happy though humble Autumn (Sept- Nov) AD62 Rome AD62
Philippians Run the race Philippians 3:14 early spring AD62 Rome AD62
James, the Lord’s brother, martyred. He also wrote the book of James AD48. James Spring March -May AD61 AD61
End of BOOK OF ACTS written by Luke approx. 6-7 years later. 33 to 62=29 years AD62. Book as written by Luke approx. 6-7 years later. Acts covers 29 years. 33 to 62=29 years AD62 AD62
Freedom from Imprisonment Paul’s 5th Travel 6th map then back to prison and death Spring 62
-Autumn 67
AD62-67 AD62-67
Paul in Ephesus and Colossae Spring-Autumn AD62 Ephesus and Colossae AD62
Peter went to Rome AD62 AD62
Paul in Macedonia Late summer 62 – winter AD62-63 Macedonia AD62-63
1st Timothy written from Macedonia Paul’s 11th letter Autumn 62 AD62 Macedonia AD62
Christ came into the world to save sinners 1st Timothy 1:15 AD62 Macedonia AD62
Paul in Asia Minor Spring 63 – Spring 64 AD63 AD63-64
Paul in Spain? Spring 64 – Spring AD66 Spain? AD64-66
Pain with a purpose 1st Peter AD64 Rome? AD64
Greet with a kiss 1st Peter 5:14 AD64 Rome AD64
Poison in the pew 2nd Peter AD64 Rome? AD64
Light bulb 2nd Peter 1:19 AD64 Rome? AD64
Christians persecuted AD?? -64 AD?? -64
Peter martyred AD64 AD64
Rome burns July 19th summer AD64 Rome AD64
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
1st of 3 Christian persecutions in Rome before AD102 AD64 AD64
Christians flee Jerusalem to cites and towns like Pella AD66 AD66
Talk of Roman Soldiers going to crush Jerusalem AD66 AD66
Jerusalem occupied by the Roman Tenth Legion from AD66-?? AD66-?? Jerusalem AD66-??
Paul in Crete early summer June AD66 Crete AD66
Paul in Asia Minor again Summer – Autumn AD66 Asia Minor AD66
Titus written from Asia Minor to Titus in Crete – Conduct Manual or Rule Book 12th Summer June-Aug AD66 Asia Minor AD66
Paul dictates letter of Titus 1:1-3:15 Summer June – August AD66 Asia Minor AD66
– Paul in Nicopolis AD Nicopolis AD
Paul in Macedonia again and Greece Spring – Autumn AD67 AD67
FAITH Chapter Hebrews 11 Place unknown Hebrews 11 AD67 Place unknown AD67
Paul’s 2nd imprisonment he wrote 2 Timothy 13th or 14th letter possible Hebrews also 68 Autumn 67 – spring 68 67/68 2nd Timothy 13th or 14th letter Possible Hebrews also Autumn 67 – spring AD68 Rome AD68
The book of Hebrews Hebrews AD67 Unknown AD67
Paul arrested and brought back to Rome. This time in a prison Autumn AD67 Rome AD67
2nd Timothy written from Rome by Paul 12th letter -Combat Manual or war book by Paul 12th letter – Combat Manual or war book Autumn AD67 Rome AD67
Crowned 2nd Timothy 4:8 2nd Timothy 4:8 AD?? Rome AD??
Lady 2nd Timothy 4:8 keeping the faith 2nd Timothy 4:8 AD67 Rome AD67
The book Jude was written by Jude a brother of Jesus AD67-68 Place unknown AD67-68
Paul’s death Conversion to Death 33 years later. approx. age at death 58 years spring March April May AD68 DEATH AD68 AD68
Nero 37-68AD 5th emperor of Rome and the last of the 9th June 68AD of the Julio-Claudian line. Committed suicide June 9th 68AD AD68 Rome AD
PAUL Rome civil war AD49
Vespasian AD Rome AD
Acts written by Luke even though events stopped 6 years earlier in AD62 AD62 AD68-69
Temple of Jerusalem
Destroyed by the Roman Tenth Legion
a 2nd September AD70 a Jerusalem AD70
Roman soldier AD AD
Gospel of Matthew Matthew 1-28:20 AD49 AD70
Capture of Masada by Romans Masada AD73
Ephesus 1st John 1st John AD85-95 Ephesus AD85-95
2nd John Ephesus 45-55 years after Jesus death 2nd John AD85-95 Ephesus AD85-95
3rd John Ephesus 45-55 years after Jesus death 3rd John AD85-95 Ephesus AD85-95
Gospel of John 50 years after the death of Jesus John AD90 Ephesus AD90
John on Island of Patmos Rev 1:9-11 AD95-96 Patmos AD95-96
Eight Characteristics of Jesus Revelation 1:9-20 AD95-96 Heaven? AD95-96
THE HOLY CITY Rev 21:1-21 AD95-96 AD95-96
We win uses the Book of Life scripture Rev 20:15 AD95-96 AD95-96
THE END Rev 22:20-21 AD95-96 aprox Heaven? Heaven? AD95-96
Death of John date? AD98 Ephesus? AD98
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
SEE BOOK OF 1st TIMOTHY [9] AD Macedonia AD62
SEE BOOK OF TITUS [11] AD Asia Minor AD66
SEE BOOK 2nd TIMOTHY [13] AD Rome AD67
SEE BOOKS OF 1st, 2nd, 3rd, JOHN [14] AD Ephesus AD85-95
Time line between AD700 – AD1400
The next section of the time line between AD700 – AD1400 The next section of the time line between AD700 – AD1400