Festus consults with King Herod Agrippa 2

King Agrippa II about to try Paul.

AD58 – Acts 25:13-26:32.

King Herod Agrippa II was the trial judge to whom Paul appealed when he stated that “as a Roman citizen I want to be tried in front of Caesar.” King Agrippa II was the son of Herod Agrippa I who was the son of Aristobulus, the son of Herod the Great. Agrippa II was, therefore, the great-grandson of Herod the Great.

King Agrippa 2nd.

Agrippa in Hebrew means: one causing pain. He died in AD100.

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Festus Consults King Agrippa 2nd

25:13 After several days had passed, King Agrippa and Bernice came to Caesarea to welcome Festus. 14 Since they were staying there for several days, Festus laid Paul’s case before the king. He said, “There is a man here who was left in prison by Felix. 15 When I went to Jerusalem, the high priests and the Jewish elders informed me about him and asked me to condemn him. 16 I answered them that it was not the Roman custom to sentence a man to be punished until the accused met his accusers face to face and had an opportunity to defend himself against the charge. 17 So they came here with me, and the next day without any delay I sat down in the judge’s seat and ordered the man to be brought in. 18 When his accusers stood up, they didn’t accuse him of any of the crimesh I was expecting. 19 Instead, they had several arguments with him about their own religion and about a certain Jesus who had died—but Paul kept asserting he was alive. 20 I was puzzled how I should investigate such matters, so I asked if he would like to go to Jerusalem and be tried there for these things. 21 But Paul appealed his case and asked to be held in prison until the decision of his Majesty. So I ordered him to be held in custody until I could send him to the emperor.”

22 Agrippa told Festus, “I would like to hear the man.”

“Tomorrow,” he said, “you will hear him.”
Acts 25:13-22
Also read Acts 25:14-27 and 26:1-32.

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