Questions and Answers 15-28

15. Who did His Excellency Governor Porcius Festus consult with?

16. Paul is again before King Agrippa for his fifth trial. Paul could have been set free if he had not done what?

17. Paul, a prisoner, sails for Rome in chains. Who traveled with him?

18. Paul sails for Rome and prison at what time of the year?

19. What happened to Paul after he landed ashore on the island of Malta?

20. What does Paul do for the people on the island of Malta?

21. What does Paul do while under house arrest?

22. About what year was the Gospel of Luke written?

23. Near the end of Ephesians Paul wrote the famous words about putting on what?

24. Paul wrote a personal letter to a friend called Philemon about what?

25. Who did Epaphras take a letter to the city of Colossae for?

26. One of the themes in Philippians is running a race for the goal of?

27. What did Paul do right up to his death?

28. Who was the ruling emperor at the time of the Great Fire of Rome, on 19 July AD64?

Answers to Questions 15-28

15. King Herod Agrippa 2.

16. If Paul had not appealed to the Emperor or Caesar in Rome.

17. Luke.

18. Winter.

19. A snakebite.

20. Paul heals people on the island of Malta.

21. Teach, preach, write.

22. Luke wrote his Gospel about AD61.

23. The whole Armour of God.

24. His runaway slave named Onesimus who now was a brother in Christ.

25. Paul.

26. The high calling of God in Jesus Christ.

27. Proclaiming the good news of God and writing a number of letters that we now have in the Bible including Ephesians and Philemon.

28. Nero, whose name in Latin means black, was the ruling emperor.

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