Questions and Answers 1-14

14 Questions:

1. The book of Acts was written by who and when as history and covers first 33 years of the early church?

2. How long did Paul’s third missionary trip last for?

3. Why did the burn the books?

4. Paul talks about seeing God as a reflection, but we eventually will see Him?

5. Satan turns up in number of guises can you name some?

6. Who wrote the book of Romans?

7. It was common to make graven images or idols?

8. Had God rejected the Jewish people who do not believe in the Messiah?

9. Who arrested Paul and put him in Chains?

10. First of several trials for Paul. What was Paul’s background?

11. Paul before the High Priest Ananias and the Sanhedrin

12. Second Trial for Paul, this time before Felix

13. Paul’s third trial in front of Felix

14. Paul’s fourth trial was in front of Festus

Answers to Questions 29-42

1. Luke.

2. Four years.

3. they wanted to get their lives right with God.

4. Face to face.

5. as an angel of light, as a roaring lion, as a thief, and as an accuser of Christians.

6. Paul

7. yes.

8. Paul’s answer is an unequivocal no.

9. Roman Commander Claudius Lysias.

10. Paul’s background is that of a first century, Rabbinical Jew .





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