Paul back in jail or prison again in Rome

Paul back in jail again in Rome – AD67-AD68.
After the book of Acts which was written by Luke had been finished, Paul was still alive. Some say he went on a fifth trip to Spain. We will never know if he did or not until we get to heaven. In any event, Paul lived on for a number of years and was finally put back into prison and put to death about AD67-AD68 at the same time as Peter and his wife.

Paul did what His God asked him to do and even died doing the will of God.

Paul had had an eventful life, from starting out against Jesus to being one of His greatest effectual evangelists.

More Information:

Paul died in jail about Autumn AD67- spring AD68.

He could have been sixty years or older. He wrote 2nd Timothy in AD67 and possibly also Hebrews in AD67.

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