Gospel of Luke

Luke 1:1-24:53. The Gospel of Luke is about what Jesus did and taught, and was written by Luke about AD61.
Luke is the only Gospel writer who was not an eyewitness, writing from information told him by the eyewitnesses and confirmed to him by God. Luke, who was a Greek, was a fully trained medical doctor and used the Greek way of researching and compiling the story of Jesus’ life into the correct order of events.

The book of Acts is the second book Luke wrote. The book of Acts is about what the early church did.

These two books may have been written for Paul’s defense in front of Nero Caesar. We are never told if this event took place.

Background Reading:

Luke 1:1-24:53

All 24 chapters of the Book of Luke

The eighth New Testament book was written by Luke approximately AD60-AD61.

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