Victor’s Crown

2 Timothy 2:1–13. In this letter to Timothy, addressed as his beloved son, Paul wrote about how to be a victor in Jesus.”
He wrote this letter from Rome, September-November AD67, while in prison for the second time in Rome.

Also see Revelation 2:10, which is one reference out of twenty-one references to the victor’s crown in scripture.

A crown of plant materials was given to victors at athletic games and Paul uses this practice to tell us there is a victor’s crown for those who run the race of life to the end. The victor’s crown is among Eight charges and Five faithful sayings. Victorious Paul wrote to Timothy, one of a number of people Paul mentored or discipled during his long life.

Background Reading:

Remain Committed to the Messiah Jesus – Eight charges to Timothy

2:1 As for you, my child, be strong by the grace that is in the Messiah Jesus. 2 What you have heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well. 3 Join me in suffering like a good soldier of the Messiah Jesus. 4 No one serving in the military gets mixed up in civilian matters, for his aim is to please his commanding officer. 5 Moreover, no one who is an athlete wins a prize unless he competes according to the rules. 6 Furthermore, it is the hard working farmer who should have the first share of the crops. 7 Think about what I am saying. The Lord will help you to understand all these things.

8 Meditate on Jesus, the Messiah, who was raised from the dead and is a descendant of David. This is the gospel I tell others. 9 Because of it I am experiencing trouble, even to the point of being chained like a criminal. However, God’s word is not chained. 10 For that reason, I endure everything for the sake of those who have been chosen so that they, too, may receive the salvation that is in the Messiah Jesus, along with eternal glory. 11 This saying is trustworthy:

In dying with the Messiah,

true life we gain.

12 Enduring, we with him will reign.

Who him denies,

he will disclaim.

13 Our faith may fail,

his never wanes—

That’s who he is,

he cannot change!
2 Timothy 2:1–13

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