Acts of the apostles- Peter, Philip, Paul, John and others AD32-AD53

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PART 1 : AD32-AD53

Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Crucifixion – Passover Nisan 14th Spring Equinox     Early spring 10th April AD32
Procurator Pontius Pilate (AD26-AD36)
Acts of the apostles- Peter, Philip, Paul, John and others AD32-AD100
Crucifixion – Passover Nisan 14th Spring Equinox early spring Thursday 10th April
Matthew 27:35-50 Mark 15:24-37 Luke 23:33-46 John 19:18-30
AD32 Jerusalem  Zero point
Trial starts say 0600 15th Nisan AD32 Jerusalem
Unleavened- bread 15th -21st of Nisan AD32 Jerusalem
Crucifixion Luke 23:26-46 AD32 Jerusalem
He is not Here Luke 24:5-8 Sunday April AD32 Jerusalem
First fruits 16th of Nisan AD32 Jerusalem
Resurrection 17th of Nisan or 10th April AD32 approx. 0600 sunrise AD32 Jerusalem 3 days
40 Days AD32-05-20
Ascension 40 days later – Thursday 20 May AD32 1:6-11 and Luke 24:50-53 Thursday 20th May AD32-05-20
Jesus going back to Heaven (in the Clouds) 1:1-11 Thursday 20th May AD32-05-20 40th Day
The group of apostles 1:12-14 AD32
The election of Matthias 1:15-26 Late spring May AD32 Jerusalem
AD32 START 2:1-13 AD32-05-30 AD32-05-30 Jerusalem Zero point
50 Days Late spring Sunday 30th May AD32-05-30 Jerusalem 50 Days
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Pentecost -Feast of weeks (5th day of Sivan Shavuot = weeks coming of the holy spirit – start of the church. Jewish years 37932 2:1-13 Late spring Sunday 30th May AD32-05-30 Jerusalem
Peter preached his 1st sermon it was about Jesus 2:14-36 AD32-05-30 Jerusalem
The first conversions AD32-05-30 Jerusalem
3000 added to there number that day 2:41 Late spring Sunday 30th May AD32 AD32-05-30 Jerusalem
The early Christian community 2:42-47 AD32-AD34
Peter heals lame man first miracle 3:1-10
Rosh Hashanah Jewish new year – Jewish year 3793 September 3rd ? AD32
Peter’s second sermon speaks to onlookers 3:11-26 AD32 Jerusalem
Apostles were teaching 4:1-2 Jerusalem
Temple guard 4:1-2 Jerusalem
Peter and John arrested and put in jail 4:3 Jerusalem
The number of men grew to about 5000 plus women and children 4:04 Dec Jan Feb winter AD33-AD34 Jerusalem
Peter and John before the SANHEDRIN – 1st Jail, 1st time before the Sanhedrin with 3rd Sermon 4:5-22 Jerusalem
The believers pray for boldness 4:23-31 AD34 Jerusalem
Herod Antipas (Galillee & Perea) 4BC-AD39 one of the sons of Herod the Great 37BC-4BC 4:27 AD34 Galillee & Perea
The believers share their possessions 4:32-37 AD34 Jerusalem
Succoth or tabernacles booths 3794 AD33-AD34 AD33-AD34 Jerusalem
Death of Ananias and Sapphira 5:1-9 Dec Jan Feb winter AD33-AD34 Jerusalem AD33-AD34
Miracles and wonders 5:12-16 Jerusalem
Peter and his shadow 5:15 Jerusalem
Apostles are persecuted and Peter’s 4th sermon 5:17-42 AD34-AD35 Jerusalem
Peter in jail set free by a angel [1st of 3 times ] 5:19 AD34 Jerusalem
Peter 3rd time before Sanhedrin 5:27-32 AD34 Jerusalem
Gamaliel 5:33-40 AD34 Jerusalem
Apostles 5:41-42 AD34 Jerusalem AD34
The seven helpers deacons 6:1-7 Dec Jan Feb winter late 34 – early AD35 AD35 Jerusalem AD35
Death of Stephen 6:8-15 & 7:1-6 AD35 Jerusalem AD35
Arrest 7:6-15 AD35 Jerusalem AD35
Speech 7:1-53 AD35 Sanhedrin AD35
Martyred by stoning 7:54-59 AD35 Jerusalem AD35
Saul Hebrew Paul Latin approves the stoning of Stephen 8:1 AD35 Jerusalem AD35
Saul persecutes the church 8:1-3 AD35
Gospel is preached in Samaria 8:4-8 AD35 Samaria
Simon the Sorcerer 8:9-25 AD35 Samaria AD35
Philip and the Ethiopian official eunuch 8:26-40 AD35
Paul’s conversion story retold Acts 22:6-16; 26:12-18. Action spans approx. 33 years 9:1-31 Summer-June-Aug AD35 Near Damascus 2years
Ananias 9:10-18 Summer-June-Aug AD35 Damascus AD35
Paul 9:10-18 AD35
1st map Paul’s pre missionary trip to 1st journey 2:11
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Paul preaches in Damascus down in basket 9:19-25 AD35-AD37 Damascus AD35-AD37
Paul in Jerusalem 1st visit 9:26-31 Summer-June-Aug AD37 Jerusalem AD37
Paul sent to Tarsus 9:30 Autumn AD37 Tarsus
Peter in Lydda and Joppa 9:32-43 Lydda and Joppa
Aeneas healed by Peter 9:32-36 winter Dec-Feb Lydda
Dorcas 9:37-43 Joppa
Peter’s journeys or trips 9:32-12:19
Peter’s dream or vision 10:9-23 AD40-AD41- Joppa
Angel to Cornelius 10:4-7 AD40-AD41 Caesarea
Peter to Cornelius’ house (Gentile) 10:1-11-18 AD40-AD41 Joppa-Caesarea
Angel 10:30 AD40-AD41 Caesarea
Peter’s preaches another sermon 10:34-42 AD40-AD41 Caesarea
Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit 10:44-48 AD40-AD41 Caesarea
Peter’s report to the church at Jerusalem 11:1-18 AD40-AD41 Jerusalem AD40-AD41
Peter and six others Visit Cornelius 11:12 AD40-AD41 Jerusalem AD40-AD41
Angel that appeared to Cornelius 11:13 AD40-AD41 Jerusalem AD40-AD41
Holly spirit came down on them 11:15 AD40-AD41 Jerusalem AD40-AD41
John the Baptist-water-Jesus-Holly Spirit 11:16 AD40-AD41 Jerusalem AD40-AD41
Gentiles 11:18 AD40-AD41 Jerusalem AD40-AD41
The church at Antioch 11:19-21 AD41 Antioch AD41
Disciples scattered 11:19 AD41 Antioch AD41
Some tell only Jews 11:19 AD41 Antioch AD41
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Some tell Greeks in Antioch 11:20 AD41 Antioch AD41
Many believed in Antioch 11:21 AD41 Antioch AD41
Barnabas sent to Antioch 11:22-24 AD41 Antioch AD41
Barnabas to Tarsus to find Paul 11:25 Spring AD43 Tarsus AD43
Paul taken to Antioch by Barnabas 11:25-26 AD43 Antioch AD43
Agabus predicts a famine 11:27-30 AD43 Antioch AD43
Paul enters GOD’S services 11:29-30 AD43 Antioch AD43
Paul’s pre Missionary trip with Barnabas – Rest between pre trip and 1st Trip 11:29-30 AD43 Antioch AD43
AD43 – Acts 1:1 to Acts 12:1 AD43 AD43
More persecution Herod Agrippa 1 – persecution Died spring 44
One of his sons appears as King Agrippa 2 , Bernice his sister, Acts 25:13-26:32
(Bernice’s husband died he was King Agrippa 2 ‘s uncle
12:1-5 Spring March – May AD44 Jerusalem AD44
James the brother of John martyred 12:2 Spring AD44 Jerusalem AD44
Angel 12:7-10 AD44 Jerusalem AD44
Peter’s miraculous escape from prison 4th Time in prison 12:6-18 AD44 Jerusalem AD44
James James 1:1-5:20 AD45-AD50
Orphans And Widows James 1:27 AD48
Paul and Barnabas 13:1-3 Spring April AD48 Antioch
Paul Sails ship 13:4 Spring April AD48 Seleucia
13:4-5 Cypus-Salamis
13:6-13 Paphos
13:13-14 Perga
Paul Teaches Pisidian Antioch 13:14-52 mid July – mid September AD48 Pisidian Antioch
Paul heals crippled man in Lystra 14:8-10 Lystra
Paul stoned at Lystra 14:19-20 AD49 Lystra AD49
Claudius baned Jews from Rome 49-50 Rome AD49-50
Return to Antioch of Syria Paul and Barnabas and make their reports 1st time 14:26-28 Autumn September AD49-AD50 Antioch AD49-AD50
Rest 1st Trip Paul rests between 1st and 2nd trip (and did what he did) 14:21-28 AD49-AD50 Antioch AD49-AD50
Info – Event Scripture When Year Paul Location Date
Letter to the Galatians AD49 Antioch AD49
Paul Scribe Galatians 6:11-18 Oct-March AD49 Antioch AD49
Lydia 16:13-15 Philippi
Slave Girl 16:16-18 AD50 Philippi
Prison and jailer 16:16 – 40 AD50 Philippi
Athens Unknown Idol 17:16-34 End February-mid March AD51 Athens
Anger 18:12-17 Athens
18:18 Corinth
Paul returns back by Ship 18:22 November AD52 Antioch AD52
Paul’s stay at Antioch rest between 2nd – 3rd trip Dec 20 years after death of Jesus 18:22 Dec Jan Feb winter AD52-AD53 Antioch AD52-AD53
Acts Part Two
Time line for Acts Part Two