Easter Message – Triumphal Entry To Pentecost

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Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Jesus again foretells to the disciples His death and resurrection  to Jerusalem  AD32 20:17-19 10:32-35 18:31-34  
Mother’s request    AD32 20:20-24 10:35-45 18:31-34  
New moon [First] nearest to spring vernal equinox   1st Nisan – 28-3-AD32   10:46-52    
Disciples reaction and Jesus comment    AD32 20:24-28      
Blind man healed approaching Jericho   out of Jericho AD32     18:35-43  
Jesus spoke   AD32     18:42-43  
Jericho called the “city of palm trees” 825 feet below sea level Jericho AD32        
Inside Jericho  Inside Jericho AD32     19:1  
Zacchaeus up a tree  Inside New Jericho AD32     19:1-10  
Jesus visits Zacchaeus for a meal..[possible stayed Thursday night or a midday meal]  Inside New Jericho AD32     19:1-10  
Zacchaeus pays back money  Inside New Jericho AD32     19:8  
Now inside New Jericho  Inside New Jericho AD32        
Jesus says “salvation has come to this house”  Inside New Jericho AD32     19:9-10  
Still inside New Jericho  Inside New Jericho AD32        
Parable of the pounds or ten minas  near Jerusalem AD32   19:11-27  
Sets out from Jericho to Jerusalem. [ 24KM approx 4-8 hours all
uphill Jericho 825 feet below sea level Jerusalem 2,610 feet above sea. level Total climb 3,425 feet………(remember 2-3 hour rest in middle of day)
  AD32     19:28  
Two blind men touched eyes. [Leaving Jericho]   AD32 20:29-34      
Blind Bartimaeus. Jesus says “Go” [Leaving Jericho] old Jericho AD32   10:46-52    
INFO AD29 AD30 AD31 AD32 AD33 AD36
1st Nisan 14 days to the 4th Passover 22thWed-23th Thurs March 5th April 6th April 28th March 8th April 11th April
2nd Nisan 13 days to the 4th Passover 23th Thurs-24th Fri 6th April 7th April 29th March 9th April 12th April
3rd Nisan 12 days to 4th Passover 24Fri-25Sat 7th April 8th April 30th March 10th April 13th April
18th Nisan 25Sat-26 Sun     13th April    


Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Parable about Coins   AD32     19:11-27  
Jesus heads to Jerusalem   AD32     19:28  
Jesus arrives at Bethany near Jerusalem Bethany AD32     19:29 11:55-57
Triumphal entry Jesus on a donkey Jerusalem 10th Nisan – 6th April AD32     19:29-44  
9th Nisan 6 days to Passover (our Thursday sunset to Friday sunset 30th 31st march AD29?) or AD30 or AD32 or AD33 Jerusalem 10th Nisan – 6th April AD32        
6 days to go dinner  Bethany  AD32       12:1
Mary and Martha and Lazarus’ house  Bethany  AD32       12:1-11
Mary of Bethany poured 600ml of pure nard on Jesus feet and wiped Jesus feet with her hair  Bethany  9th Nisan – 5-4-AD32       12:1-11
Mary with Nard. Time with 6 Days to go  Bethany  9th Nisan – 5-4-AD32       12:1-11
Crowds   AD32        
Chief priests   AD32        
Walk from Jericho to Jerusalem  Jericho  AD32     19:29  
PALM SUNDAY – if 4TH APRIL AD33 – 10TH NISAN 5 days to PASSOVER    AD32        
Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem as the Messiah  Mount of Olives  10th Nisan – 6-4-AD32 21:1-11 11:1-11 19:29-44 12:12-19
Jesus rides on a donkey to Jerusalem  10th Nisan – 6th April AD32 21:1-11 11:1-11 19:28-44  
Palm branches to Jerusalem  6th April AD32 21:1-11 11:1-11   12:12-19
Jesus plans His entry to Jerusalem   AD32 21:1-11 11:1-11 19-35 12:13
Jesus Curses a Fig Tree   AD32  21:18-22 11:12-19    
Jesus weeps over Jerusalem  near Jerusalem  AD32     19:41-44  
Jesus cleans the Temple  Temple AD32 21:12-13 11:15-17 19:45-46  
Monday 11th Nisan 4 days to Passover   AD32        
The barren fig three cursed   AD32 21:18-22 11:19-25 21:37-38  
The second cleansing of the temple(comp.0031)  Temple AD32 21:12-17 11:15-17 19:45-46  
The desire of some Greeks to see Jesus puzzles the disciples and leads Jesus in Agitation   AD32       12:20-50
Jesus Predicts His death   AD32       12:20-50
Jesus speaks about His Death   AD32       12:27
The voice from heaven   AD32       12:27-33
Jesus Lifed up refering to Numbers 21:4-9 Jerusalem AD32 12:32
Light   AD32       12:35-36
Jesus hid himself   AD32       12:36
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
The Many of the Jewish leaders continue in their unbelief  near Bethany AD32       12:37-50
Light Lamp   AD32       12:44-46
  AD32       12:27-50
The barren fig tree found to have withered near Bethany AD32 21:19-22 11:19-25    
The rulers (Sanhedrin) formally challenge the authority of Jesus as an accredited teacher (Rabbi)   AD32 21:23-22-14 11:27-12:2 20:1-19  
The parable of the tenants   AD32     20:9-16  
The stone the builders rejected   AD32     20:17-19  
The parable of the wedding banquet   AD32 22:1-14      
The Pharisees and the Herodians try to ensnare Jesus about paying taxes to Caesa   AD32 22:15-22 12:13-17 20:20-26  
Coin   AD32        
The Sadducees ask Him a puzzling question about marriage at the resurrection   AD32 22:23-33 12:18-27 20:20-26  
The Pharisees rejoice over the rout of the Sadducees and a Pharisees lawyer asks Jesus a legal question   AD32 22:34-40 12:28-34    
Jesus , to the joy of the multitude, silences His enemies by the pertinent question of the Messiah’s descent from David and lordship over David  Temple  AD32 22:41-46 12:35-37 20:41-44  
Whose Son is the Christ    AD32     20:41-44  
In Jesus last public discourse, Jesus solemnly denounces the Scribes and Pharisees    AD32 23:1-39 12:38-40 20:45-47  
1st woe   AD32 23:13-14      
2nd woe   AD32 23:15      
3rd woe   AD32 23:16-22      
4thwoe   AD32 23:23-24      
5th woe   AD32 23:25-26      
6th woe   AD32 23:27-28      
7th woe   AD32 23:29-36      
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
As a hen gathers her chicks   AD32     23:37-39 13:34-35
Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, Psalm 118:26   AD32     23:39  
Jesus closely observes the contributions in the Temple and commends the poor widow’s gift  Treasury  AD32   12:41-44 21:1-4  
The widow’s mite (coin  Treasury  AD32   12:42 21:1-4  
Jesus to disciples   AD32   12:43-44 21:3-4  


Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Jesus teaching in the temple -signs of the end of the age.   AD32     21:5-38  
were Jesus was spending his nights – Mount of Olives   AD32       21:37-38
Sitting on the Mount of Olives, Jesus speaks to His own 12 disciples about the destruction of Jerusalem, and His own second coming.
In Apocalyptic language. The great Eschatological discourse
Mount of Olives AD32 24 & 25 13:1-37  
Signs   AD32 24:1-25:46      
I AM the Messiah   AD32 24:5,24:23      
Birth pains   AD32 24:8      
The abomination that causes Desolation   AD32 24:15      
Trumpet   AD32 24:31      
The day and hour   AD32 24:36-51      
The parable of the Ten Virgins   AD32 25:1-13      
The parable of the Talents   AD32 25:14-30   19:11-38  
The Sheep and the Goats   AD32 25:31-46      
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Bethphage House of Figs is about 1.5Km North of Bethany  Bethphage  AD32        
12th Nisan 2 days to   AD32        
Jesus predicts His Crucifixion two days hence (Jewish Wednesday sunset) 14 Nisan   AD32 26:1-5 14:1-2 22:1-2  
Jesus with cross in His hands   AD32 26:1-5 14:1-2 22:1-6  
At the feast in house of Simon the Leper, a woman anoints Jesus for His burial Bethany Spring AD32 26:6-13 14:3-9    
On Jesus’ head Bethany Spring AD32 26:6-13 14:3-9    
Judas Iscariot   AD32     22:1-6  
Judas Iscariot, stung by the rebuke of Jesus at the feast, bargains with the Jewish rules to betray Jesus   AD32 26:14-16 14:10-11 22:3-6  
(Matthew 27:9)   AD32 26:15 14:11 22:5-6  
The chief priests   AD32     22:1-2  
Passover AD32   AD32 26:17-30 14:22-26 22:7-22 13:1-17:26
4th Passover 14th of Nisian which in our calendar if AD32 and would be sunset Wednesday. If AD29 or AD33 or different calendar different dates change   AD32 26:17-30 14:22-26 22:7-22 13:1-17:26
The preparation for the Paschal Meal at the home of a friend
(possibly that of John Mark’s Farther and Mother)
  AD32 26:17-19 14:12-16 22:7-13  
Jesus and His apostles reclined at the table   AD32     22:14-16  
Just before Passover   AD32       13:1
Jesus partakes of the Paschal Meal with the twelve apostles and rebukes their jealousy Upper Room,Passover  AD32 26:20 14:17 22:7-38 13:1-38
Sandal  Jerusalem  AD32        13:4-10
During the Paschal Meal, Jesus washes the feet of the twelve apostles   AD32       13:1-20
Towel   AD32       13:4-10
Peter   AD32       13:6-9
At the Paschal Meal Jesus points out Judas as the betrayer   AD32 26:21-25 14:18-21 22:21-23 13:1-30
The piece of bread in the special dip   AD32       13:26-27
After the departure of Judas Jesus warns the disciples (Peter in particular)against desertion, while all protest their loyalty   AD32 26:31-35 14:27-31 22:31-38 13:31-38
A new commandment   AD32       13:34
Disown me three times by the time the Cock crow   AD32     22:54-62 13:38
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Jesus institutes the memorial of eating bread and drinking wine. see 1 cor   AD32 26:26-29 14:22-24 22:7-20 11:23-26
Day of Unleavened Bread (Passover Lamb)   AD32     22:7  
Cup    AD32 22:17      
Bread    AD32 22:19      
2nd cup    AD32 22:20      
A dispute    AD32 22:24-38      
Two swords    AD32 22:38      
Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives    AD32 22:39-46      
The farewell discourse to His disciples in the upper room    AD32   14:1-31    
Jesus comforts His disciples    AD32   14:1-4    
Jesus the way to the father    AD32   14:4-14    
Jesus promises the holy spirit    AD32   14:15-31    
The discourses on the way to Gethsemane    AD32   15&16    
Branches    AD32   15:1-17    
The world hates the disciples    AD32   15:1827    
Told you    AD32   16:1-4    
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
The work of the Holy Spirit    AD32   16:1-16    
The world hates the disciples    AD32   15:18-27    
Told you    AD32   16:1-4    
The work of the Holy Spirit    AD32   16:1-16    
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
The disciples’ grief will turn to joy    AD32   16:17-31    
Christ’s intercessory prayers Gethsemane – Mount of Olives  AD32       17:1-26
3 Prayers Gethsemane – Mount of Olives  AD32       17:1-26
Jesus Prays for Himself Gethsemane – Mount of Olives  AD32       17:1-6
Jesus prays for His disciples Gethsemane – Mount of Olives  AD32       17:6-19
Jesus prays for all believers Gethsemane – Mount of Olives  AD32       17:20-26
Going forth to Gethsemane, Jesus suffers long in agony Going forth to Gethsemane, Gethsemane – Mount of Olives  AD32 26:30,36-46 14:32-42 22:39-46 18:1


Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Jesus is betrayed, arrested, and forsaken Mount of Olives  AD32 26:47-56 14:43-52 22:47-53 18:2-12
Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus with a Kiss (a greeting which
includes embrace and kissing each cheek
Mount of Olives  AD32 26:47-50 14:43-45 22:47-48 18:1-9
Soldiers come with chief priests etc Mount of Olives  AD32 26:47 14:43 22:52-53 18:9-10
Peter and his sword Mount of Olives  AD32 26:51-54 14:44-47 22:50  
Jesus arrested Mount of Olives  AD32 26:55-57 14:43-48 22:44-53  
FRIDAY 14th Nisan (our Thursday sunset to Friday sunset) 3rd April AD33 Jerusalem If AD33        
Years CE
Easter Date Passover Date False Pentecost True Pentecost
March 31
April 21
May 19
June 15
April 13
April 11
June 2
April 4
March 30
May 23
April 24
April 18
June 12
April 9
April 7
June 7
March 31
April 24
May 19
June 15
April 20
April 14
June 8
April 10
April 3
May 29
March 28
April 22
May 16
June 12


Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
One year we support is for the crucifixion date. Is Wednesday sunset 10th April AD32 Jerusalem AD32  27:15-26  15:6-15  23:26-46  18:38-19:6
Or THURSDAY 14th Nisan (our Wednesday sunset to Thursday
sunset)…2nd April AD33. Other years 4th or 14th
AD33…AD30, AD31
Jerusalem AD32        
If Good Friday Traditional day of trials, cross and death Jerusalem AD33        
14th NISAN Spring or Vernal equinox 1st Full Moon 4th
wed-5th Thursday April 29AD or 2nd Thursday or 12th
Thursday AD33 or AD30, AD31
Jerusalem AD32        
Say about our 0000 or our midnight Jerusalem AD32        
6 Trials of Jesus in a few hours Jerusalem AD32 22:54-23:25  
Jesus first examined by Annas, ex-High Priest and Caiaphas’ father in Law Jerusalem AD32   18:12-14,19-23
Jesus hurriedly tried and condemned by Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin, who mock and buffet Him Jerusalem AD32 26:57,59-68 14:53,55-65 22:54,63-65 18:24
Peter 1st denial Jerusalem AD32 26:69-70 14:66-68 22:54-62 18:15-18, 25-27
Peter 2nd denial Jerusalem AD32 26:71 14:69 22:58 18:25
Peter 3rd denial Jerusalem AD32 26:73 15:71 22:59-60 18:26-27
The cock crows Jerusalem AD32 26:74 15:72 22:60 18:27
Peter leaves crying Jerusalem AD32 26:75 15:72 22:62  
Soldiers mock Jesus Jerusalem AD32     22:63-65  
After dawn or sunrise say 0600 either Thursday or Friday Jerusalem AD32        
Jesus is formally condemned by the Sanhedrin Jerusalem AD32 27:1 15:1 22:66-71  
Remorse and Suicide Judas Iscariot, son of Simon the betrayer Jerusalem AD32 27:3-10     Acts 1:15-26
Jesus before Pilate – first time- 4th trial Jerusalem AD32 27:1-2   23:1-25  
Jesus before Herod Antipas – 5th trial Jerusalem AD32     23:8-12  
Jesus before Pilate – second time- 6th trial Jerusalem AD32 27:11-26   23:13-25  
The soldiers mock Jesus – in the Praetorium after the death sentence had already been passed. Jerusalem AD32 27:27-31      
The Crucifixion Out side Jerusalem AD32-4-10 – 14th Nisan 27:32-44   23:26-43  
The Death of Jesus Out side Jerusalem AD32-4-10 – 14th Nisan 27:45-56   23:44-49  
The Death of Jesus Out side Jerusalem AD32-4-10 – 14th Nisan 27:45-56   23:44-49  
The burial of Jesus Out side Jerusalem AD32-4-10 – 14th Nisan 27:57-61   23:50-56  
The Guard at the tomb Out side Jerusalem AD32-4-10 – 14th Nisan 27:62-66      
They made sure 27:62-66 Out side Jerusalem AD32-4-10 – 14th Nisan      


Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
3 days 3 nights Out side Jerusalem AD32        
Feast of Unleavened Bread Out side Jerusalem AD32        
Fristfuits Out side Jerusalem AD32        
EASTER SUNDAY Out side Jerusalem AD32 – 13th April        
RESURRECTION SUNDAY 19TH Nisan Out side Jerusalem If AD32 – 13th April        
RESURRECTION SUNDAY 19TH Nisan Out side Jerusalem If AD33 5th or 15th April        
The two women buy spices Jerusalem or near by AD32   16:1    
The visit of the women to the tomb of Jesus about sunrise (0600) Sunday morning Out side Jerusalem AD32 28:1-11 16:2-8 24:1-8 20:1
The earthquake around Jerusalem AD32   28:2    
The rolling away of the stone by an angel out side Jerusalem AD32 28:2-4 16:4 24:2  
The fright of the Roman soldiers out side Jerusalem AD32 28:4      
The message of the angels about the empty tomb out side Jerusalem AD32 28:5-7 16:5-7 24:7-8  
The round stone door rolled away out side Jerusalem AD32 28:2 16:4 24:2  
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
He is not here (mark 16:6 Luke 24:6) out side Jerusalem AD32 28:6 16:6 24:6  
He is Risen (mark 16:6, Luke 24:6) out side Jerusalem AD32 28:6 16:6 24:6  
Come see where He lay (Mat 27::66-28:6) out side Jerusalem AD32 28:6 16:6    
Mary Magdalene and the other women report to the apostles Jerusalem AD32     24:9-12 20:2-10
Peter and John run to the empty tomb out side Jerusalem AD32     24:12 20:3-9
The appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene (1st of 12 appearances) Sunday 17th and 21st of Nisan out side Jerusalem AD32 28:1 16:9-11   20:11-18
The appearance of Jesus to the other women (2nd of 12 appearances) out side Jerusalem AD32 28:9-10      
Jesus message to His disciples Jerusalem AD32 28:10      
Some of the guard report to the Jewish rulers Jerusalem AD32 28:11-15      
Peter looks inside the empty tomb Out side Jerusalem AD32     24:12  
The appearance to two disciples (Cleophas and another) on the road to Emmaus (3rd of 12) Near Emmus AD32   16:12-13 24:13-32  
The report of the two disciples Jerusalem AD32     24:33-35 1 cor.15:5
The news of the appearance of Jesus to Simon Peter (4th 0f 12) Jerusalem AD32     24:33-35 1 cor.15:5
The appearance to the astonished disciples (Thomas absent) with a commission (5th of 12 ) Jerusalem AD32   16:14 24:36-43 20:19-25
Their failure to convince Thomas Jerusalem AD32       20:24-25
Jesus talks to Thomas Jerusalem AD32       20:26-29
an ending Jerusalem AD32       20:30-31
2ND SUNDAY 24th Nisan Jerusalem AD32        
The Appearance of Jesus to the disciples the next Sunday night (6th of 12) Jerusalem AD32       20:26-31
The convincing of Thomas Jerusalem AD32       20:26-31
The appearance of Jesus to Seven Disciples beside the Sea of Galilee (7th of 12) Sea of Tiberias AD32       21:1-25
The miraculous catch of fish 153 fish and the net did not break Sea of Galilee AD32-4-??       21:1-25
Peter jumped into the water Sea of Galilee AD32-4-??       21:7
Eating the meal Sea of Galilee AD32       21:12-13
Peter reinstated Sea of Galilee AD32       21:15-23
Comment by the writer of this book – JOHN   AD32       21:24-25
2nd Sunday – 8 days   AD32        
2nd Sabbath – 14 days   AD32        
3rd Sunday – 15 days   AD32        
3rd Sabbath – 21 days   AD32        
4th Sunday – 22 days   AD32        
4th Sabbath – 28 days   AD32        
5th Sunday – 29 days   AD32        
5th Sabbath – 35 days   AD32        
Jesus appears to the eleven disciples on a mountain in Galilee (8th of 12) in Galilee AD32 28:16-20 16:15-18    
The great commission given Mountian in Galilee AD32 28:16-20      
Jesus appears to about five hundred on a mountain in Galilee (9th of 12)   AD32       1 cor. 15:6
Jesus appears to James his brother (10 of 12)   AD32       1 cor. 15:7 Gal 1:9
Late or second Passover 14th Iyar   14th Iyar – AD32        
6th Sunday – 36 days   AD32        
6th Sabbath – 42 days   AD32        
Jesus appears to the disciples with another commission (11 and 12 of 12)   AD32     24:44-49 Acts 1:3-8
Jesus last appearance near Bethany 27th Iyar – AD32   16:19-20 24:50-53 Acts 1:9-12
27th Iyar – THURSDAY May 14 AD33    If AD33        
40 days later after Passover   27th Iyar – AD32-5-20 – Thursday        
The ascension near Bethany near Bethany 27th Iyar – AD32-5-20 – Thursday     24:50-52  
Jesus going up into the clouds near Bethany 27th Iyar – AD32-5-20 – Thursday     24:51  
Worshiping GOD at the Temple Jerusalem AD32     24:53  
7th Sunday – 43 days also called Whitsunday   AD32        
7th Sabbath – 49 days   AD32        
Ascension near Bethany If AD32, Thursday, 20th May     24:50-53  
Ascension near Bethany If AD33, Thursday, May 14th     24:50-53  
6th Sunday or 5th Sabbath            
10 days later   AD32       Acts 2:1-4
Pentecost Feast of weeks,1st or early harvest, Shavuot, 6th Sivan Sunday 30th May AD32 or if Sunday 24th May AD33 – Summer (May-June-July)    If AD32, Sunday, 30th May       Acts 2:1-4
7th Sunday   AD32-05-30        
50 days after Passover Jerusalem AD32-05-30       Acts 2:1-41
Fire-tongues of fire resting on the early disciples Jerusalem AD32-05-30       Acts 2:1-4
Pentecost, Feast of Weeks or Shavuot also called Whitsunday   AD32-05-30       Acts 2:1-4
Pentecost Jerusalem If AD32, Sunday, 30th May       Acts 2:1-4
Pentecost Jerusalem If AD33, Sunday, May 24th       Acts 2:1-4
The next section of the time line of the Acts of the apostles- Peter, Philip, Paul, John and others AD32-AD53         The next section of the time line of the Acts of the apostles- Peter, Philip, Paul, John and others AD32-AD53