Jesus was on trial six times

Three Jewish Trials: this was still the 14th of Nisan.
1st Trial — Annas; John 18:12-14
2nd Trial — Caiaphas; Luke 22:54-65 – Both these trials were illegal because they were before day light;
3rd Trial — Sanhedrin after day light to make it legal; Luke 22:66-71

Three Gentile Trials:
4th Trial — Pilate for the first time; Luke 23:1-6
5th Trial — Herod Antipas; Luke 23:8-12
6th Trial — Pilate for the second time; Luke 23:13-25

Jesus was repeatedly mocked and beaten by the soldiers before, in between and after the trials on the way to His death.
The Sanhedrin broke 22 of their own rules regarding trials when they trialed Jesus.

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