Third Trial of Jesus before The Sanhedrin

Luke 22:66-71. Jesus at His third trial before the Sanhedrin (Jewish Council) after daylight to make the process legal this was still the 14th of Nisan.

Jesus had three trials in front of Jewish leaders. Then He had three trials in front of Gentile leaders.

Jesus answers the Jewish leaders the same way as He had answered his parents as a twelve year old. when He said, “I had to be in my Father’s house” (Luke 2:49).

The Jewish leaders were ‘out to get’ Jesus one way or another. You can see this building up as you read any of the four Gospels and here as elsewhere Jesus is in control and permitting the events for His own ends.

Background Reading:

Jesus before The Sanhedrin — 3rd trial

66 As soon as day came, the elders of the people, the high priests, and the scribes assembled and brought him before their Council. 67 They said, “If you are the Messiah, tell us.”

But he told them, “If I tell you, you won’t believe me, 68 and if I ask you a question, you won’t answer me. 69 But from now on the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of the mighty God.”

70 Then they all asked, “Are you, then, the Son of God?”

He answered them, “You said it—I AM.”

71 “Why do we need any more testimony?” they asked. “We have heard it ourselves from his own mouth!”
Luke 22:66-71
Read also – Matthew 26:47-27:2,  Mark 14;44-15:1,  John18:1-28,  John 18:27-19:16.

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