Questions and Answers 16-30

15 Questions:

16. Who was Peter trying to protect when he cuts off an ear?

17. What time of day was Jesus arrested?

18. Jesus was on trial how many times?

19. Was Jesus’First trial – Annas the Father-in-law of Caiaphas the High Priest?

20. Was Jesus’2nd Trial – Jesus arrested and taken to the High Priest Caiaphas?

21. What Day was passover in the Jewish calendar?

22. What happened after Peter disowned Jesus?

23. Third Trial of Jesus was before?

24. 4th Trial – who was Jesus before for the first time?

25. 5th Trial, who was Jesus before this time?

26. 6th trial – Who was Jesus in front of for the second time?

27. Which book of the Bible is Crucifixion mentioned?

28. Was the Crucifixion of Jesus a tragedy but an achievement?

29. One of other places you will find thick darkness mentioned is?

30. Why did the Roman Centurion have to watch Jesus die?

Answers for questions 16-30

16. Jesus.

17. Night time.

18. Jesus was on trial six times.

19. Yes.

20. Yes.

21. 15th of Nisan.

22. The Cock Crow.

23. The Sanhedrin.

24. Pontius Pilate.

25. 5th Trial, who was Jesus before this time?

26. Pontius Pilate for the second time?

27. Psalm 22.

28. An achievement.

29. Egypt for three days or Revelation the sixth seal.

30. As a representative of the Roman Empire.

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