Questions and Answers 1-15

1. Who was Zacchaeus, the tax collector, waiting up a tree for?

2. Who healed Blind Bartimaeus eyes?

3. Mary did something special for Jesus?

4. How many days after The Triumphal Entry did Jesus Die?

5. With palm tree leaves and cloaks, who were the crowd waiting to see?

6. Jesus taught in parables – The Lamps of the Bridesmaids. How many Bridesmaids were there?

7. Who tried to kill Jesus in his ongoing war with God?

8. At whose house was Jesus anointed at Bethany by an unknown woman?

9. Jesus washed His Disciples’ Feet. Who in a large household would have this job?

10. When Judas agreed to betray Jesus for money, was he still a disciple?

11. What day in the Jewish calendar is Passover on?

12. The upper room discourse was Jesus’ last what?

13. Who were covered in the three prayers of intercession that Jesus prayed?

14. Where does Jesus pray for Himself?

15. Who led the soldiers who came at night to arrest Jesus?

Answers 1-15:

1. Jesus.

2. Jesus.

3. Anointed Jesus’ feet with spikenard.

4. Four.

5. Jesus.

6. Ten Bridesmaids.

7. Satan.

8. Simon the Leper’s house.

9. The lowest slave.

10. Yes.

11. 14th of Nisan.

12. Last Passover.

13. First one for Himself, Second one for his disciples, And third one for all believers.

14. Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives.

15. Judas Iscariot.

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