Barnabas looks for Paul

Acts 11:22-26, AD43.

Without Barnabas (Son of Encouragement), a Levite from Cyprus, a Prophet and Apostle, we might not have had Paul’s ministry. When Barnabas was sent out on a mission to Antioch by the Apostles in Jerusalem and believing he needed Paul’s help, he went looking for him in Tarsus. He found Paul and brought him back to Antioch to minister together.

Again it was Barnabas who took Mark, also known as John Mark, under his wing when Paul rejected him. Later, after being trained by Barnabas, Mark was of great assistance to Paul.

Both Barnabas and Paul spent a lifetime teaching disciples and believers wherever God sent them. Again in Acts 9:27 Barnabas took Paul to the Apostles.

Interesting the disciples or believers were called Christians first at Antioch. This must have happened while Barnabas and Paul were teaching these new disciples or believers who were in the city of Antioch. Many of them may have been of Jewish origin, as there was a large Jewish population in the city.

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11:22 When the church in Jerusalem heard this news, they sent Barnabas all the way to Antioch. 23 When he arrived, he rejoiced to see what the grace of God had done, and with hearty determination he kept encouraging all of them to remain faithful to the Lord, 24 because he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith. And so a large number of people was brought to the Lord.

25 Then Barnabas left for Tarsus to look for Saul. 26 When he found him, he brought him to Antioch, and for a whole year they were guests of the church and taught many people. It was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians.
Acts 11:22-26

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