AD43 Covered First Ten Years

Acts 1:1 to Acts 12:1. We have just covered the first ten years from AD32 or AD33 to AD43 of the Book of Acts Chapters 1-12, covering what the Early Church did.

Some of the things covered in these first ten years have been: Jesus going back to Heaven, The Spirit of God coming down on the early disciples. Peter preaching, Paul becoming a believer, death of Stephen and Philip preaching.

Now we cover the next ten years ending up in the Book of Acts Chapter 18 verse 22, seeing what the Early Church continued to do.

Some of the events we will cover are: Peter getting out of prison, Paul and his two missionary journeys and the first New Testament book written by James.

Background Reading:

Up to now: Acts 1:1 to Acts 12:1

From now to the end of the book of Acts: Acts 12:1 to Acts 18:22 in part one and Acts 18:23 – 28:31 in Acts part two.

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