Questions and Answers 1-14

1. Why did the angel say, ““He is not here”?

2. How many days after the resurrection day was Jesus taken up into Heaven?

3. Jesus returns home back to Heaven via the clouds so He could send what to His disciples?

4. Who replaced Judas as one of the twelve Apostles?

5. What was the life-changing experience for the early diciples on the 50th Day after Jesus’ resurrection?

6. What day did the Early Church start?

7. How did the Holy Spirit appear on the day of Pentecost?

8. Peter preaches his first sermon and how many were added to the believers?

9. The fellowship of the Believers form a community that topped how many in a few months?

10. Who did Peter Heal?

11. Peter addresses the onlookers in the Temple and where did he take his quotes from?

12. The Sanhedrin asked Peter and John by whose authority they healed the man. What was their answer?

13. What did Ananias and Sapphira do?

14. The Apostles were persecuted and put in jail. What happened next?

Answers to Questions 1-14

1. Because Jesus had risen from the dead.

2. 40 Days.

3. Jesus went back to Heaven in order to send the Holy Spirit to His followers.

4. Matthias.

5. God sent tongues of fire or the Holy Spirit.

6. Day of Pentecost..

7. Like Tongues of Fire.

8. 3000 are added to the believers.

9. 5000 believers.

10. The Crippled Beggar.

11. Peter used what the prophets of Israel had said about Jesus as the basis of his sermon.

12. That of Jesus the Son of God.

13. Lied to the Holy Spirit.

14. Peter was released by God and told to share his faith in Jesus.

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