Questions and Answers 15-28

15. Why were Seven Helpers chosen?

16. Why was Stephen seized and killed?

17. Why did Philip baptize the Ethiopian?

18. Where did Paul (Saul) meet God?

19. Why did Paul (Saul) need to escape in a basket?

20. Why did Peter heal Aeneas?

21. What was Peter doing before he got a visit from some of Cornelius’s men?

22. Why did Barnabas look for Paul?

23. What was covered in the first ten years?

24. What happened to the guards with Peter’s 2nd escape from prison?

25. During what years was the book of James written?

26. James wrote about looking after which group in the Body of Christ?

27. Who started off with Paul on his first of three missionary trips?

28. Barnabas and Paul sailed from the Port of Seleucia to where?

Answers to Questions 15-28:

15. Seven helpers were chosen to help to do the jobs that needed to be done so that the twelve Apostles could concentrate on prayer and teaching.

16. Enraged by Stephen’s teaching of Jesus, Council members killed Stephen.

17. The official said he wanted to be baptized in water.

18. About noon on the road to Damascus.

19. Paul was in danger of being killed.

20. Maybe God allowed Peter to heal Aneas so those who saw the healing would turn to Jesus as their Lord and God.

21. Having a dream or a vision.

22. Believing he needed Paul’s help.

23. What the Early Church did.

24. King Herod Agrippa I had the guards executed.

25. AD45-AD50.

26. The weak in the body of the church.

27. Barnabas.

28. Cyprus.

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