Questions and Answers 29-43

29. In which country is Pisidian Antioch found today?

30. Why could Paul heal a crippled man in the town of Lystra?

31. The mob tried to kill Paul by stoning him at Lystra. Did they succeed?

32. After the return to Antioch Paul reported to two different groups: who were they?

33. Some of the topics Paul covered in his personal letter to the Galatians are?

34. Paul used a scribe for the book of Romans. What was the man’s name?

35. Who did Paul take with him on his second trip?

36. Timothy, Paul’s disciple. Could Paul have discipled Timothy for a number of years?

37. Through which spirit did the slave girl tell fortunes?

38. Paul and Silas in prison again. Who did they bring to faith in Jesus?

39. What was Paul doing when he found an idol to the unknown god in Athens?

40. What are you told not to do?

41. Paul returns by ship to Caesarea. Who had the Port of Sebastos built?

42. Where does Paul rest between Trips 2 and 3?

43. What are you asked to do next?

Answers to Questions 29-43

29. Modern Turkey.

30. Paul discerned through the Holy Spirit that this man had faith to be healed.

31. No.

32. His local church and the elders in Jerusalem.

33. Legalism versus God’s grace and practical living out the gospel of Jesus.

34. Tertius.

35. Silas.

36. Yes.

37. This slave girl told fortunes through the power of an evil spirit.

38. The Philippian Jailer and household.

39. Paul again found a group of people to speak to.

40. We are told not to get angry.

41. King Herod the Great.

42. In Antioch the original sending church.

43. Now for the start of Part Two of THE EARLY CHURCH LIFE.

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