Paul rests between Trips 2 and 3

Acts 18:22-23. Paul rested between 2nd and 3rd missionary trips.

When Paul landed at Caesarea, he went up and greeted the church in Jerusalem and then went down to Antioch.

Antioch was the original sending church. See Acts 13:1-3 and Acts 15:36 for Paul and his teams.

Notice how Paul and Barnabas wanted to look after and strengthen any new disciples they came across.

Background Reading:

Rest between trips 2 and 3

18:22 When he arrived in Caesarea, he went up to Jerusalem, greeted the church there, and then returned to Antioch.

18:23 After spending some time there, Acts Part Two Paul departed and went from place to place through the region of Galatia and Phrygia, strengthening all the disciples.
Acts 18:22-23

This is how the next 47 years started in the life of the early church.

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