Our History

What does bibleview.org do:

On the web – Pictorial explanations of the Bible, with helpful written comments, using a historical-chronological approach, aimed at believers and non-believers.


Started as Overview Presentations in 1981 with an overview of the complete Old Testament, using A3-size custom-made pictures and 4×2 meter backdrop. The original live presentations took about half an hour.


Bibleview.org runs its programmes using live presentations and the Internet. We aim to expand by using other formats such as books, DVD’s, youtube and power point etc.


Started 1999. Present layout and Domain Name late 2002

Visitors per week are in the thousands and we get hits from all over the world.

Now in a number of Languages. eg English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, and Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

A Pictorial explanation of the Bible