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一切的起源 In the beginning

The beginning

In the beginning God said, "Let us make the heavens and the earth."

This is God's story as He interacts with humankind.

Enjoy your time looking at the Images and reading the text.

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创世纪 1章1-2节 - 没有日期的时代 Genesis 1:1-2 Undated Past

开端 The Beginning

1:1 起 初 神 创 造 天 地 。
1:2 地 是 空 虚 混 沌 。 渊 面 黑 暗 。 神 的 灵 运 行 在 水 面 上 。


In Hebrew Tanakh the word Heaven is in the plural Heavens.

Also in Hebrew Tanakh God is singular and the words let us is plural.

Different people hold strongly to their views about the seven days of creation if it was a solar 24 hour day or some other length of time.

May be it could be a mix of the two or some thing totally different.

Remember God lives out side our time domain.

One mathematical module has the earth and the other planets being placed in their orbits around the sun.

Their origins were from some were else in the systems of calyxes or universe.



不同的人关于七天创造强烈的持有他们的看见就是太阳系的一天24小时, 其余的认为是其他的时间。

这有可能两种看法的混合,也可能其他完全不同的看法。要记得神 是在我们的时间域以外。

这有可能两种看法的混合,也可能其他完全不同的看法。要记得神 是在我们的时间域以外。



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