TIME LINE for AD1800 — AD2023 – ONWARD

Approximately 5 A4 pages from AD1800-AD2023 set up so you can print them.

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WORLD/SECULAR HISTORY year/month/day Christian History and Jewish History
Historical events in Politics and Business Events and history that happened in both faiths
including Christian & Jewish people
Industrial Revolution Mid 18th-early 20thcent.  
Restoration Movement 19th cent.  
Liberalism/Modernism 19th-20thcent.  
  AD1792  Charles Finney born
  AD1800-1830s  Second Great Awakening
  AD1799-1807 Second Great Awakening
  AD1800  Revival
AD1800 Society of Biblical Literature
AD1801-1890 John Henry
Atomic theory AD1802
Battle of Trafalgar and Lord Nelson 21 October 1805
AD1807 The British Parliament Votes to Abolish the Slave Trade
AD1807 Robert Morrison 1st missionary to China. Translated the Chinese Bible
Charles Robert Darwin 12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882
AD1811 The Campbells Begin the Disciples of Christ
Charles Dickens Born 7th Feb 1812
AD1812 Adoniram and Ann Judson Sail for India
AD1812 Moses Hess
AD1813-1843  Robert Murray McCheyne
AD1813-1873  David Livingstone
AD1813-1883 Soren Kierkegaard
AD185?-1868  William Chalmers Burns
AD1816 Richard Allen Founds African Methodist Episcopal Church
AD1817 Elizabeth Fry Begins Ministry to Women in Prison
AD1817  Robert Moffatt began mission work in South Africa
Marx AD1818-1883
AD1822 The first Protestant diocese is established in Jerusalem
Samuel Plimsoll, Shipping Plimsoll Line or Loading Line AD1824-1898
AD1825 American Unitarian Association
AD1826 Temperance movement begins
AD1830 Charles G. Finney’s Urban Revivals zenith
C. AD1830 John Nelson Darby Helps Start Plymouth Brethren
 Mormonism AD1830
First time rail was used to transport troops AD1830
  9/1/1830 – 3/1/1831 Revival – Charles Finney
AD1831-1906 Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewski -Wenli Bible- Mandarin
AD1832 Jerusalem post started
AD1832-1905 Hudson Taylor
AD1833 John Keble’s Sermon “National Apostasy” Initiates the Oxford Movement
AD1833 The Amenians open up the first printing company in Jeruslem
AD1834-1892  Charles Spurgeon
AD1836 Pastor Hsi Sheng-mo – born in Shanxi.  Started many churches in China
 Queen Victoria AD1837-1901
2nd underwater tunnel under River Thames. 1st underwater tunnel by Babylonians 2180BC under River Euphrates AD1843  
AD1843-1921  Cyrus Ingerson Scofield
AD1848-1915  Mary Slesssor
AD1854 Hudson Taylor Arrives in China
AD1854 Soren Kierkegaard Publishes Attacks on Christendom
AD1854 Charles Haddon Spurgeon becomes Pastor in London
AD1855 Dwight l. Moody’s Conversion
28 January 1856 – 26 October 1928  Reuben Archer Torrey
Lousis Paster found Bacteria spreads disease AD1856
Freud AD1856-1939
AD1857-1860  3rd Great Awakening – USA. (A massive worldwide “Prayer-based” Revival. -Millions converted).
AD1857 David Livingstone Publishes Missionary Travels
Suez Canal started AD1859
Publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species AD1859
1860s-ca. 1900 Holiness Movement
 Civil war AD1865 First faith mission is formed
AD1865 William Booth Founds the Salvation Army
AD1867  First Lambeth Conference
U.S. transcontinental railway AD1869
Suez Canal opened AD1869
AD1869-1870  First Vatican Council
AD1870 British Israel movement starts. Now nearly non existent
AD1870  Pope Pius IX Proclaims the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility
AD1871-1952  Lewis Sperry Chafer
AD1873  David Livingstone dies
Early radio transmission experiments had already started AD1873
  AD1875  Charles Finney dies
Bell invented the Telephone AD1876
Plimsoll line or Load line AD1876
Einstein AD1879-1955
AD1881-1885  Revised Version – English Scholars
AD1881-1906  The wave of Pogroms swept over Russia massacring thousands of Jews
Krakatoa erupted  AD1883
AD1886  Student Volunteer Movement Begins
AD1886-1968  Karl Barth
Heidegger AD1888
AD1889-1976 Emile Berliner Invents the Record and the gramophone
Economic depression  AD1890s
Automobile AD1893
AD1895  Present Fundamentalism
First Zionist Congress AD1897
The 1st automobile was sold 24th March 1898
Boxer Rebellion AD1900-1901
AD1900  Pastor Wang Ming-dao China
Death of Queen Victoria AD1901  Dr. John Sung China
AD1901  Andrew Gih China
AD1901  American standard Version – American scholars
AD1901  Present Pentecostalism
Instant coffee and Razor Blades invented AD1901
Airplane AD1903
AD1904-1910  4th Great Awakening USA also Wales, Azusa, India, Korea, China, etc.
AD1906  Azusa Street Revival Launches Pentecostalism
AD1907  The 1907 KOREAN REVIVAL – Revival of Repentance that swept through Korea starting in 1907 – and affecting the entire nation for decades to come.
AD1908 Emile Berliner Invents a radial aircraft engine that was used in earily helicopter
AD1910-1915  Publication of the 12 volume The Fundamentals with 90 easeys
AD1911  Fundamentalists Movement
AD1912-1984  Francis August Schaeffer
Federal Reserve system created AD1913
World War One AD1914-1918
Gallipoli Landings 1915-04-25
British Capture Jerusalem by Allenby 1917-12-9
1918  Law about Jeruslem Stone
Armistice 1918-11-11
1918 -11-7  Billy Graham
AD1919  Karl Barth’s Commentary on Romans is published
Possibility one of the first US licensed commercial broadcasting radio stations was KDKA of Pittsburgh  AD1920  
1921-01-02  First Christian Radio Broadcast – Pittsburgh’s Calvary Episcopal Church – Station KDKA of Pittsburgh
AD1924 Emile Berliner established the first commercial radio station in Montreal
AD1929 Emile Berliner dies at the age of 78 years
AD1934  Cameron Townsend Begins Summer Institute of Linguistics
AD1935-1945 The Nazi holocaust saw nearly 6 million Jews ‘escape’ as ‘wisps of smoke’ through crematoria chimneys
AD1937  Child Evangelism started by Jesse Overholter
AD1938  Neo-orthodoxy comes to the USA
World War Two AD1939-1945
Jet airplane engine AD1942
AD1943  Present Evangelicalism
The first programmable electronic computer was the Colossus AD1943
AD1944  Youth For Christ
AD1945  Dietrich Bonhoeffer Executed by Nazis
AD1946   Revised Standard Version – International committee
Transistors invented AD1947
AD1947  Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered
AD1947  WCC is formed
U.N.O. Partitions Palestine AD1947-11-29
AD1947-1955   5th Great Revival in USA. – Great Healing Revival in USA, plus Revivals in Africa, Hebrides, Argentina, etc.
14th May 1948 +5708 AD1948  Israel becomes a nation
AD1948  World Council of Churches is Formed
  In May 1949, Israel is admitted to the United Nations AD1949  Billy Graham’s Los Angeles Crusade
  AD1949  Jerusalem declared the capital of Israel
 Korean War AD1950-1953
 Yasser Arafat starts POL AD1951
 Queen Elizabeth II starts her Reign in England AD1952
Sir Hillary and Tensing climbed Mt Everest AD1953
AD1957  Operation Mobilization
AD1958  The New Testament in Modern English  J. B. Phillips
AD1958  Cho, Paul (David) Yonggi starts ministry
AD1960 Beginnings of the Modern Charismatic Renewal
AD1960 Youth with a Mission by Loren Cunningham
Vietnam War (American Involvement) AD1961-1973
AD1962 Second Vatican Council Begins
AD1962-1965 Vatican II
AD1963  New American Standard Version New Testament
AD1963 Martin Luther King, Jr., Leads March on Washington
POL Founded AD1966  Good News Bible
AD1966-1976 Chinese Church Grows Despite Cultural Revolution
Six Day War Started 6th June 1967-6-7
Martin Luther King killed AD1968
USA puts a man on the moon 1969-8-21
AD1970  New American Standard Version Old Testament
AD1970 David Yonggi Cho Korea and Prayer Mountain
AD1973  New International New Testament
AD1974  First Woman reformed Jewish Rabbi is ordained in USA
Bill Gates co-founds Microsoft 1975-04-04
Olympic games at Montreal – Canada AD1976
AD1978  New International Version Old Testament
Mount St. Helen 1980-03-25
Aids Virus Identified AD1981
Falklands war AD1982  New King James Version
Canada cuts Legal ties with England AD1982
AD1984  New International Version revised
Berlin Wall falls AD1986
Gulf War 1991-01-17 to 1991-04-11
Peace treaty 1991-10-31
Soviet Union Disbanded 1991-01-02
Oslo 1 AD1992
Communism falls in Russia AD1992
Chanel Tunnel linking France and England Opened AD1994
Israel/PLO Peace Treaty AD1994
PLO – Oslo II AD1995
Benjamin Netanyahu wins first national election for Prime Minister AD1996
AD1996  New Living Translation
Hong Kong returned to China AD1997
September 11th 2001-09-11
AD2001  English Standard Version
Introduction of the Euro 2002-01-01
NATO, near Rome, allowed Russia joined as a junior partner 2002-05-28
17 new NATO members total now 26 2002-11-21
USA IRAQ war 2003-03-19
Peace Plan Road Map The Aqaba Summit AD2003-May
G8  Evian Summit (remember the 1938 summit) AD2003-June
Jewish withdrawal from Gaza strip handed back to Arabs AD2005
World Banking collapse AD2008
G20 London Summit over money breakdown AD2009 April
Five of the six Islamic states constituting the Gulf Cooperation Council have agreed to shoot for a unified currency by 2010 AD2010
AD2009  Hebrew year 5770 will begin at sundown on the evening of 18 September 2009.
Arab Spring AD2010-2012
Eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull AD2011
Floods and earthquakes in many parts of the earth 2011-2012
Occupy Wall Street AD2011-2012
2011-04-27  David Wilkerson died in a car crash.
Lyme Disease: An Emerging Epidemic AD2012
Palestine reconsigned as a state in it’s own right by a vote in the UN 2012-11-30
Barack Hussein Obama II sorted out USA cash debit problem short term 2012-12-29-31
  AD2013 Pope Benedict XVI resigned
Ebola Virus Outbreak  Ad2014  
AD2014   Israel Conflicts with Hamas in Gaza
April 25 – A magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes Nepal  AD2015  
Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) has 39 members States  AD2015  
AD2016  More Jewish people living in Israel than the rest of the world since 1948
  AD2016  The Sanhedrin recommends Rabbi Baruch Kahane as High Priest
  AD2017  This group working towards building a Third Temple in Jerusalem
Donald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States 2016-01-20.   January 20, 2017  
China establishes the largest megacity in the world  AD2017  
China extends their silk road plans  AD2017  
 Turkey invades northern Syria  AD2018  
 Chang’e 4  AD2019  
Covid-19   AD2020  The Abraham Accords signing 
 China Asserts Itself  AD2020  
 President-elect Biden takes office  AD2021  
 Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died in Scotland, at the age of 96  AD2022  
 King Charles III’s coronation  AD2023  
We have not got there yet AD2030  We have not got there yet
We have not got there yet AD2040  We have not got there yet
We have not got there yet AD2050  We have not got there yet
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