Undated past – until 1800BC

THIS TIMELINE – Covers the book of Genesis – Starting with the Creation including the death of Joseph in Chapter 50.

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WORLD/SECULAR HISTORY year/month/day Christian History and Jewish History
Historical events in Politics and Business Events and history that happened in both faiths
including Christian & Jewish people
Undated Past  beginning – the start of the earth by God Genesis 1:1
Undated Past  7 Days – Seven Days of Creation – Genesis 1:1-3
Undated Past  Adam – the first man mentioned in the Bible – Genesis 1:26-2:25
Undated Past  Eve – the first woman mentioned in the Bible – Genesis 2:18-25
Undated Past  Cain – Genesis 4:1-17
Undated Past  Abel – Genesis 4:1-17
Undated Past  Seth – Genesis 4:25-26
Undated Past  Enoch – Genesis 5:21-24 7th from Adam in Seth’s line
Undated Past
Undated Past  Table Adam to Noah – Genesis 5:1-32
Silk was invented by the Yangshao culture – China 3630BC
Egypt had a form of writing 3200BC
3103-????BC  Noah – lived 950 years, flood – 600 years, Genesis 5:30-10:29
 ????-?????BC  Table of Nations – Genesis 10:1-32
 ?????-?????BC  Babel – Genesis 11:1-9
2291BCff “Generations of Terah” Gen 11:27-32,1 Chronicles 1:26-28
1st underwater tunnel – Babylonians under River Euphrates  2180BC  
 400 years gap between Noah and Abraham. Genesis 11:10-32
2165-18004BC The Patriarchal Period: Abraham to Joseph
 (Gen 11:27) Birth of Abraham – (Gen 50:25) Death of Joseph
2165-1990BC  Abraham 175 years  Genesis 12ff Wife Sarah
2165-1990BC  Abraham The Life of Abram (Renamed Abraham) (175 years) Genesis 11:27-25:11
2165BC  Birth of Abraham (Abram) by Terah (father) Genesis 11
2155-2028BC  Sarah 127 years – Genesis
10th Egyptian Dynasty at Heracteopotis 2133-2052BC
11th Dynasty at Thebes 2134-2061BC
2085BC  Lot – Genesis 14
Pharaoh Moeris [Mery-ku-Re] of Egypt 2090-2070BC
2090BC  Abraham enters Canaan Genesis 12
 King Melchizedek enters Abraham’s life. Genesis 14:18-20
 Hagar was a Egyptian slave given to Abraham by the Pharaoh of Egypt. Genesis 16:1-16
2089BC  Abraham goes to Egypt because of a famine Genesis 12
2086BC  Lot carried to Damascus by invading kings Genesis 14
2079BC  Birth of Ishmael by Hagar and Abraham – Genesis 16
* (Ishmael is Father of Arabs)
* (Muhammad, founder of Islam, came from Ismael)
Pharaoh Moeris [Neb-ku-Re] 2070-2052BC
2066BC  Sodom and Gomorrah Genesis 19
2065BC  Birth of Isaac by Sarah and Abraham – Genesis 21
2065-1885BC  The Life of Isaac (180 years) Genesis 21:1-35:29
2065 1885BC  Isaac 180 years. Wife Rebekah she had twins, Genesis
2062BC  Ishmael and Hagar cast out Genesis 21
Meth-ho tep 2 2061-2010BC
2050?BC  Isaac taken to Mt Moriah as sacrifice, Genesis 22
2028BC  Death of Sarah (127 yrs.) Genesis 23
2025BC  Isaac at 40 marries Rebekah, Genesis 24
2020?BC  Abraham marries Keturah 2nd wife, Genesis 25:1-4
Methu-ho tep 3 2010-1998BC
 King Abimelech  Genesis 26:1-35
 Children of Keturah Genesis 25:1-4 1 Chronicles 1:32-33
  “Generations of Ishmael” – Gen 25:12-18  1 Chronicles 1:29-31
  “Generations of Isaac” Gen 25:19-26  1 Chronicles 1:34
2005-1858BC  The Life of Jacob (Renamed Israel) (147 years), Genesis 25:25-50:13
2005BC  Birth of Esau (“red, all over like a hairy garment”)   – Genesis 25:21-26
2005BC  Birth of Jacob literally means, supplanter or heal catcher – Genesis 25:21-26
2005BC  Birth of Jacob by Rebekah and Isaac  Genesis 25:21-26
First zoo has opening day, in China 2000BC
MIDDLE KINGDOM (12th Dynasty) 1991-BC
Amenemhet 1 – 1st pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt 1991-1962BC
1990BC  Death of Abraham Genesis 25:1-11
Senusret I – 2nd pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt 1962-1927BC
1928BC  Jacob cheats Esau for Patriarchal Blessing Genesis 27
????BC   Esau (Edomites) Genesis 27-28 Not given Isaac’s Blessing
1928BC  Jacob flees to Haran Genesis 27:43
1928BC  Jacob has a Dream. Genesis 28:10-22
 Jacob meets Laban. Genesis 29:1-30:43
1928BC  Jacob Marries both Leah and Rachel Genesis 29:15-30
1928-1858BC  Leah and Rachel together give Jacob 12 sons
Death of Senusret 1 – 2nd pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt 1927BC
 Zilpah was Leah’s servant. Genesis 30:9-12
 Jacob flees from Laban. Genesis 31:1-55
 Jacob prepares to meet Esau, his twin brother. Genesis 36:1-43
Amenemhet II – 3rd pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt 1927-1894BC
1921BC  Birth of Reuben
1919BC  Birth of Levi
1914-1804BC  The Life of Joseph (110 years) Genesis 30:1-50:26
1914BC  Birth of Joseph by Rachel and Jacob Genesis 30
1908BC  Jacob returns to Shechem  Genesis 33:18-20
1898BC  Jacob returns to Bethel Genesis 35:1-15
10th  Death of Rachel Genesis 35:16-20
Indus valley  Reuben has sex with Bilhah Genesis 35:22
 Jacob’s 12 sons are named in Genesis 35:23-26
  Joseph’s Dreams Genesis 37:1-11
1897BC   Joseph sold into Egypt Genesis 37:12-36
Senusret II – 4th pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt 1894-1878BC
1885BC  Death of Isaac Genesis 35:27-29
 Generations of Esau, who is Edom, Genesis 36:1-43, 1 Chronicles 1:35-54
1884BC  Joseph exalted in Egypt during rule of Egyptian Pharaoh Senusret II,  Genesis 41
 Generations of Jacob – Genesis 37:2-4, 1 Chronicles 2:1-2
 Tamar and Judah. Genesis 38:1-30
 Joseph runs away from Potiphar’s wife. Genesis 39:1-20
 The Cupbearer – Genesis 40:1-23 and 41:1-13
 The Baker who was in prison with Joseph. Genesis 40:1-4, 16-22
 1st Journey – Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt. Genesis 42:1-38
 2nd Journey – Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt again. Genesis 43:1-34
 Joseph’s Silver cup. Genesis 44:1-34
 “Sons of Judah” Genesis 46:12, 1 Chronicles 2:3-9
Senusret III – 5th Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt 1878-1841BC
1875BC  Jacob and family enter Egypt Genesis 46:1-47:12 Note: 430 years before the Exodus; cf. Exodus 12:40 and Gal 3:17
 Jacob, as he was about to die, blessed Joseph’s two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Genesis 47:28-48:22
 Joseph’s two sons Manasseh the older son, Genesis 48:1-22
 Joseph’s two sons Ephraim younger son, Genesis 48:1-22
 Jacob Blesses His 12 Sons. Genesis 49:1-28
1858BC  Death of Jacob – Genesis 49:29-33
Amenemhet III – 6th Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt 1841-1792BC
1804BC  Death of Joseph during reign of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenemhet III, 1841-1797  Genesis 50:22-26
 A gap of 300 years gap between the end of Genesis and Exodus. Genesis 50:22-Exodus 1:22
Amenemhet 1V – 7th Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt 1792-1782BC
Hammurabi Babylon 1792-1750BC
Queen Sobekneferu – 8th Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt 1782-1778BC
 Hyksos invasion of Egypt 1730BC
 Hyksos kings at Aravis (Zoan) 1730-1570BC
New Egyptian Kingdom 18th Dynasty 1570-????BC
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