Death of Jacob at one hundred and forty-seven years old

Genesis 49:29-33. Jacob, as he was about to die, blessed his 12 Sons.

Jacob 2005BC-1885BC, lived 147 years.

He had married both Leah and Rachel, who were sisters.

He had 12 sons and at least one daughter.

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The Death of Jacob and Burial

49:29 In his last words, Jacob issued this set of instructions to them all: “I’m about to join our ancestors. Bury me alongside my ancestors in the cave in the field that used to belong to Ephron the Hittite. 30 It’s the cave in the field near Mamre at Machpelah in the land of Canaan that Abraham bought to serve as a cemetery. 31 It’s where Abraham and his wife Sarah were buried, where Isaac and his wife Rebekah were buried, and where I buried Leah. 32 Both the field and the cave that’s in it were purchased from the Hittites.”

33 After concluding this set of instructions to his sons, Jacob tucked his feet up into bed, quit breathing, and was gathered to his ancestors.
Genesis 49:29-33

More Information

Jacob was the younger brother of Esau.

Jacob in Hebrew means: the supplanter. Then, after an encounter with God, his character and attitude were transformed and this included a name change to Israel, which means in Hebrew The Prince of God.

Key Thoughts:
The unhappiness produced by family troubles.

The transforming power of fellowship with God.

Prophetic faith

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