Ministry of Jesus – three and half years

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Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Mark’s opening statement 1:1
Leaves Nazareth for His baptism
The time of the beginning 1:1 2:1-2
Caesar Augustus – death 19th AD14 reigned as emperor from 27BC to AD14 Rome 19th AD14 3:1
Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus – 15th year Tiberius reigned for 23 years, from AD14 to AD37 Rome AD14 to AD37 3:1
Tiberius Caesar – 15th year [August 19 AD28 – Dec 31st AD39] 3:1
Pontius Pilate 3:1
Herod Antipas Tetrarch (one forth) of Galilee, son of Herod the Great 4BC-AD39 3:1
Philip 3:1
Lysanias 3:1
Annas 3:2
Caiaphas 3:2
The message and the messenger – John 3:1-6 1:2-6 3:3-6 1:19:34
Isaiah 40:3 3:3 1:2-3 3:4-6
A specimen of John’s preaching 3:7-10 1:7-8 3:7-14
The forerunner’s picture of the Messiah before seeing Him 3:11-12 1:7-8 3:15-18
John baptized with Water Jordon River 3:11 1:8 3:16
Sandal Jordon River 3:11 1:7 3:16 1:26-27
John said Jesus will baptize with Holy Spirit and Fire Jordon River 3:11 1:8 3:16-18


Jesus baptized by John in the Jordan Jordon River 3:13-17 3:13-17 3:21-23
Dove Jordon River 1:32 3:16 1:10 3:22
John the Baptist Jordon River 3:13-17 1:1-8 3:1-20 1:19-34
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Voice from heaven Jordon River 3:17 1:11
Lamb of GOD Jordon River 1:26-34
The testimony of the Baptist to the committee of the Sanhedrin Jordon River 1:19-28
Who are you Elijah or The Prophet Jordon River 1:21
Herod puts John in prison 3:19-20
John’s identification of Jesus as the Messiah 3:21-22 1:29-34
– If 6th April AD32 is the triumphal entry then Jesus started His ministry in September – November AD28
Luke Genealogy 3:23-38
Fast of Jesus 40 days and 40 nights 4:1-11
The three temptations of Jesus 4:1-11 1:12-13 4:1-13
Black Satan desert 4:3 1:12 4:2
Rocks/Food desert 4:3 4:3-4
Holy city desert 4:5 4:9-13
Kingdoms desert 4:8-10 4:5-8
Devil left Jesus till next time desert 4:13
Andrew 1:35-51
Jesus makes His first disciples 1:16-20 1:35-42
2 Disciples of John transfer to Jesus near where Jesus got baptized 1:35-42
Andrew and ? [Home town Bethsaida] Bethsaida 1:40
Andrew found Peter [Home town Bethsaida] Bethsaida 1:41-42
Phillip one of Jesus first disciples [Home town Bethsaida] Bethsaida 1:43-45
Nathanael (Batholomew) [Home town Cana of Galilee] Cana of Galilee 1:47-51
Jesus works His first miracle Cana of Galilee AD29 – March-May 2:1-11
Wedding at the town of Cana Cana of Galilee AD29 – March-May 2:1-11
Jars of water that were turned into wine Cana of Galilee AD29 – March-May 2:7-10
Master of feast tastes and comments on the new wine Cana of Galilee AD29 – March-May 2:9-10
Jesus actions before He leaves Cana of Galilee Cana of Galilee AD29 – March-May 2:11
Jesus makes a first Sojourn at Capernaum Capernaum 2:12
Jesus kindred and His early disciples Accompanied Him Capernaum 2:12
First Passover – spring Jerusalem 7th April 30AD? 2:13 ,2:23
The first cleansing of the temple at the Passover Jerusalem 2:13-17
Jesus miraculous sign 3 Days Jerusalem 2:18-24
The interview of Nicodemus with Jesus by night Jerusalem 3:1-21
Nicodemus you must be born from above or born again Jerusalem 3:3-15
FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD John 3:16-17 Jerusalem 3:16-17
The parallel ministry of Jesus and John Judean Countryside 3:22-36
With John’s loyalty to Jesus 3:22-36
Christ’s reasons for leaving Judea ( heads north via Samaria) 4:12 1:14 3:19-20 4:1-4
John in prison 4:12 1:14 3:20
Jesus’ Disciples baptizing Judean Countryside 4:1-2
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Jesus in Samaria at Jacob’s well and in Sychar Sychar AD29 – December – February 4:5-42
Woman at well with a jar on her shoulder Sychar AD29 – December – February 4:5-42
Jesus offers living water to the woman Sychar AD29 – December – February 4:5-22
The Woman tells her town Sychar AD29 – December – February 4:5-22
Many Samaritans believe Sychar AD29 – December – February 4:39-42
The arrival of Jesus back in Galilee Galilee 4:12 1:14 4:14 4:43-45



Jesus begins ministry in Galilee Galilee 4:13-16 1:14 4:14 4:43-45
General account of His teaching in Galilee Galilee 4:17 1:14-15 4:14-15
The healing at Cana of the son of a courtier of Capernaum Cana 4:46-54
Second Miracle 4:54
The first rejection at Nazareth Nazareth 4:16-31
Scroll read by Jesus Nazareth 4:16-21
The new home in Capernaum – town of Naum Capernaum 4:13-16
Isaiah 9:1-2 4:13-16
Jesus turns four fishermen into four fishers of men – Sea of Galilee Sea of Galilee 4:18-22 1:16-20 5:1-11
One of those fishermen (Peter) 4:18-22 1:16-20; 5:1-11
Peter one of those fishermen (Andrew Peter’s bother) 4:18-20 1:16
One of those fishermen (James) 1:19
One of those fishermen (John) 1:19
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Boat owned by Simon Peter Sea of Galilee 5:3
Jesus taught people Sea of Galilee 5:3
Catch fish Sea of Galilee 5:6-9
Zebedee boat 4:21-22 1:20
Elijah’s time 4:24-25
Eisha – widow in Zarephath and Naaman the Syrian 4:26-27
People try to stone Jesus Nazareth 4:28-30
The excitement in the Synagogue because of the teaching of Jesus Nazareth 1:21-28 4:31-37
The healing of a demoniac on the Sabbath Capernaum 1:21-26 4:31-37
Jesus teaching has power Capernaum 1:26-27 4:36-37
He heals Peter’s mother-in-law 8:14-15 1:29-34 4:38-39
Heals many others Capernaum 8:16-17 4:40
Demons cast out 8:16 4:41
Jesus Prays 1:35-37 4:42
Jesus must go to other places 1:38 4:43-44
Jesus preached in the synagogues 1:39 4:44
The first tour of Galilee with the four fishermen 4:23-25 1:35-39 4:42-44



Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Jesus teaches and heals many that are sick 4:23-25 1:38-39 4:38-44
A leper healed and much popular excitement 8:2-4 1:40-45 5:12-16
Thronged in Capernaum 2:1-2 Capernaum
He heals a paralytic lowered through the roof of Peter’s house 9:1-8 2:1-12 5:17-26 Capernaum
Healed man walking with his mat (stretcher or bed) 9:6-8 2:12 5:23-25 Capernaum
The call of Matthew (Levi) 9:9-10 2:13-14 6:27-28
His reception in honor of Jesus 9:10-13 2:15-16 5:28-30
Jesus reply 9:12-13 2:17 5:31-32
Jesus in three parables defends His disciples for feasting instead of fasting 9:14-17 2:18-22 5:33-39
Bridegroom 9:15 2:19-20 5:34-35
Sews a patch 9:16 2:21 5:36
Wine skin 9:17 2:22 5:37-39
2nd Passover 14th Nisan 6th April AD31 for AD33. or AD27 for AD29 or AD3 for AD30 or AD30 for AD32
Yom Kippur Day of Atonement 10th Tishri and Tabernacles 15th-21st Tishri approx Sep-October
At a feast of the Jews in Jerusalem (possibly Yom Kippur or Passover) Jesus heals a lame man on the Sabbath 5:1-15 Bethesda
At the pool of Bethesda 5:2-15 Bethesda
Pick up your mat and walk 5:8-9 Bethesda
Jesus talks to the man 5:11-15 Bethesda
Jesus Defends this action to the Pharisees 5:16-47
Life through the Son of GOD 5:16-30
Testimonies about Jesus 5:30-47
John was a lamp that gave Light 5:35
Moses 5:45-47
Another Sabbath controversy with the Pharisees when the disciples pluck ears of grain in the fields 12:1-8 2:23-28 6:1-5
David did 12:3-4 2:25-26 6:3-4
I desire mercy, not sacrifice – Hosea 6:6 12:7
Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath 12:8 2:28 6:5
A third Sabbath controversy with the Pharisees over the healing of a man with a withered hand in a synagogue. 12:9-14 3:1-6 6:6-11
Sheep 12:11-12
Good or evil 3:4 6:9
Pharisees and Herodians how want to kill Jesus 12:14 3:6 6:11


Jesus teaches and heals great multitudes by the Sea of Galilee 12:15-21 3:7-12
After a night of prayer Jesus selects twelve apostles 3:13-19 6:12-16 a mountain
Simon called Peter 6:14
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Andrew Simon’s brother 6:14
James 6:14
John James’ brother 6:14
Philip 6:14
Bartholomew (Nathanael) Philip’s brother 6:14
Matthew(Levi) 6:15
Thomas (Didymus) home Galilee 6:15
James son of Alphaeus 6:15
Simon the Zealot 6:15
Judas son of James 6:16
Judas Iscariot of Kerioth of Judea parents Simon. it was possible he was married 6:16
The Sermon on the Mount – possible a different sermon in the plain. 5 to 7:29 6:17-49
Blessings and woes 6:17-26
Privileges and requirements of The Messianic reign 5 to 7 6:17-49
Christ’s standard of righteousness 5 to 7 6:17-49
The Place and the Audience 5:1-2 6:17-19
Healed people 6:18-19
The Introduction: The beatitudes and woes 5:3-12 6:20-26
Privileges of the Messiah’s subjects 5:3-12
Reward in heaven 5:12
Blessings 6:20-22
Woe 6:24-26
The Theme of the Sermon: Christ’s standard of righteousness in contrast with that of the Scribes and Pharisees 5:13-20
Salt and light 5:13
Light 5:14-6
The fulfillment of the Law 5:17-20
Christ’s ethical teaching superior to that of the Scribes (both the Old Testament and the Oral Law) in six items or illustrations (murder, adultery, divorce, oaths, relations, love of enemies) 5:21-48 6:27-30,32-26
Murder 5:21-26
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Adultery 5:27-30
Divorce 5:31-32
Oaths 5:33-37
Relations (An eye for an eye) 5:38-42
Love of enemies 5:43-48
The practice of real righteousness unlike the ostentatious hypocrisy of the Pharisees 6:1-18
As in alms giving 6:2-4
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Trumpet 6:2
Prayer 6:5-14
Fasting 6:15-18
Fasting – how to dress and act 6:17-18
Reason given by Jesus 6:18
Single-hearted devotion to God as opposed to
Worldly aims and
Treasures in Heaven 6:19-24
Eye is the lamp 6:22-23
Captious criticism, or judging others 7:1-6 6:37-42
Prayer and The Golden Rule 7:7-12
The Conclusion of the Sermon. The lesson of personal 7:12
Righteousness driven home by powerful parables 7:13 6:43-49
Came down the mountainside 8:1
Heals leaper 8:2-4
Show your self to the priest 8:4


Jesus heals a centurion’s servant at Capernaum 8:5-13 7:1-10 Capernaum
The centurion 8:5-13 7:1-10
He raises a widow’s son at Nain 7:11-17
The message from the Baptist and the eulogy of Jesus 11:2-19 7:18-35
Woes upon the cities of opportunity 11:20-30
The claims of Christ’s as the teacher about the father
My yoke is light 11:28-30
Hand with nard 7:36-39,44-50
The parable of the two debtors 7:40-43
1) Simon 7:40-43
2) Moneylender 7:40-43
Woman 7:48-50


Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
The second tour of Galilee 8:1-3
Women who supported Jesus 8:1-3
Blasphemous accusation of league with Beelzebub 12:22-37 3:19-30
Demon possessed man which Jesus healed 12:2
Crowd 12:23
Pharisees 12:24
Jesus 12:25-32
Jesus – tree 12:33-34
Man’s words 12:35-37
Scribes and Pharisees demand a sign 12:38-45
The sign of Jonah 12:38-42
Three days and three nights 12:40;
Nieveh or Queen or Solomon 12:41-42
Evil spirit 12:43-45
House 12:44-45
Jesus mother and Brothers come to take Jesus home 12:46-50 3:31-32 8:19-21
Out side because of crowd 12:47 3:32 8:20
Jesus reply my real family are 12:48-50 3:33-35 8:21


The first great group of Parables 13:1-53 4:1-34 8:4-18
Introduction to the Group 13:1-3 4:1-2 8:4


Jesus standing in the boat
Parable of the sower 13:3-23 4:3-20 8:4-15
Farmer sowing the seeds 13:3 4:3 8;4-17
Four types of soil
Type one barren soil
Seeds land on path way
Birds eat seeds on path way
The meaning Satan comes and takes the message away eg. the seeds
Type two on rocky ground
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Sun scorched the seeds because the soil was shallow
Shoot time
Trouble or persecution falls away
Type three on thorns
Thorns choked the young plants
Type four on good soil
100 fold increase 13:23 4:20
60 fold increase 13:23 4:20
30 fold increase 13:23 4:20
Hears the word
Listen 13:18
A Lamp on a Stand 4:21-25 8:16-18
Lamp 8:21
Bowl 8:21
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Bed 4:21 8:16
Hidden 4:21-22 8:17-
Ears 4:23
Measure 4:24-25 8:18
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Parable of the seed growing of itself 4:26-29
Night or day
Parable of the weeds 13:24-30
Good seed
Enemy sowed weeds
Wheat and weeds
Servant ask what to do
Harvest weeds burn
Harvest wheat barn
Parable of the Mustard seed 13:31-34 4:30-32
Man Planted 13:32
Small 13:32
Large garden plant 13:32
Birds 13:32
Parable of the Yeast and many such parables 13:33 4:33-34
woman 13:33
Bowl 13:34
Jesus 13:34
Parables 13:34
Prophet 13:35
Psalm 78:2 13:35
With disciples 4:34


Explanation of the Parable of the weeds 13:36-43
Disciples 13:36
Son of man 13:37
Field world 13:38
Weeds – devil 13:38-39
Harvesters are angels 13:39-41
Fire Furnace 13:42
Righteous to God’s kingdom 13:43
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
The Parable of the Hidden Treasure 13:44
Field 13:44
Man 13:44
The Parable of the Peal of Great Price 13:45-46
Kingdom of heaven 13:45
Merchant 13:45
Fine pearls 13:45
Sold 13:46
Bought it 13:46
The parable of the Net 13:47-50
Good fish
Bad fish
Jesus asks them a Question. 13:51
The Parable of the house holder 13:52-53
Teacher of the Law 13:52
Storeroom 13:52
Finished parables 13:53
Moved on 13:53
In crossing the lake, Jesus stills the storm (1st time) 8:18,23-27 4:35-41 8:22-25
Jesus in the boat 8:23-27 4:36-37 8:23-24
Beyond the lake Jesus heals the Gerasenes demoniac 8:28-34 5;1-20 8:26-39
The return and the healing of Jairus’ daughter 9:18-26 5:21-43 8:40-56
The woman who only touched Christ’s garment 9:26-26 5:25-34 8:43-48
Heals two blind men inside a house 9:27-31
Heals dumb demoniac 9:32-33
Crowd amassed 9:33
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Pharisees blasphemous accusation by Beelzebub 9:34
The last visit to Nazareth 13:54-58 6:1-6 Nazareth
A prophet without honor 13:54-58 6:1-6
Healed a few sick 6:5-6


The worker are few 9:35-38 6:1-6
Instructing the twelve and sending them forth by twos 10:1-11:1 6:6-13 9:1-6 AD31 – March-May
The guilty fears of Herod Antipas in Tiberias about Jesus because 14:1-12 6:14-29 9:7-9
Daughter of Herodias dances at Herod’s birthday 14:6
Daughter asks her mother Herodias ex wife of Philip and now wife of Herod Antipas 14:8
Beheaded John the Baptist in Machaerus 14:8
John’s head on a plate 14:10-11
John’s disciples came and took his body and lay it in a tomb 14:12


The first retirement 14:13 6:30-32
The twelve return 14:13 6:30-32
Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
Jesus retires with them beyond the lake to rest 14:13 6:30-34
Feeding of the five thousand boy ‘s lunch 5 fish and 2 loaves 14:13-21 6:30-44 9:10-17 6:1-14
Jesus third Passover 6:4
Crowd sat down 14:19
Disciples gave out the food 14:19-20
12 baskets full leftovers 14:20-21 6:43 6:13
The prevention of the revolutionary purpose to proclaim Jesus king (a political Messiah) 14:22-23 6:45-46 6:14-15
The peril to the twelve in the storm at sea 14:24-33 6:47-52
The boat 14:24 6:47
Jesus coming to them on the water in the darkness 14:24-33 6:47-52 6:16-21
The reception at Gennesaret 14:34-36 6:53-56 Gennesaret
Heals the sick 14:34-36 6:53-56
The collapse of the Galilean campaign because Jesus will not conform to popular Messianic expectation 6:22-71
Pharisees from Jerusalem reproach Jesus for allowing his disciples to disregard their traditions – ceremonial defilement of the hands 15:1-20
A puzzling parable in reply 15:1-20 7:1-23 7:1
The second withdrawal to the region of Tyre and Sidon 15:21-28 7:24-30 AD31 – June – August
Healing of the daughter of a Syro-Phoenician woman – who lived near by 15:21-28 7:24-30 AD31 – June – August
The third withdrawal north through Phoenicia and east towards Hermon and south in Decapolis (keeping out of the territory of Herod Antipas) 15:29-39
Healing of the deaf and dumb man 7:31-37
Feeding of the four thousand in Gentile territory 15:29-39 8:1-10 Magadam AD31 – June – August
Few small fish and seven loves supplied by His own disciples 15:29-39 8:1-10 Magadam AD31 – June – August
Seven basketfuls of broken pieces 8:8 Magadam AD31 – June – August
Sent crowd away 15:39 8:9-10 Magadam AD31 – June – August
Got into boat headed to the vicinity of Magadan 15:39 8:10-11 Magadan
The brief visit to Magadan (dalmanutha) in Galilee and the sharp attack by the Pharisees and Sadducees. (note their appearance now against Jesus) 15:39-16:4 8:10-12
Tested by the Pharisees 16:1-4 8:11-13
The fourth retirement to Bethsaida Judea in the tetrarchy of Herod Philip Bethsaida Judea
Sharp rebuke of the dullness of the disciples 16:5-12 8:14-21
Healing of a blind man in Bethsaida 8:22-26 Bethsaida
Near Caesarea Philippi Jesus tests the faith of twelve in His messiahship 16:13-20 8:27-30 9:18-21 Caesarea Philippi
Keys of the Kingdom 16:19
Jesus distinctly foretells that He, the Messiah, will be rejected and killed and will rise the third day 16:21-26 8:31-37 9:22-25
The coming of the Son of Man in that generation 16:27-28 8:38-9:1 9:26-27
The transfiguration of Jesus on a mountain (probably Hermon) near Caesarea Philippi 17:1-8 9:2-8 9:22-25 Mt. Hermon? AD31 – December- February
The Transfiguration – Jesus 17:1-8 9:2-9 9:22-25 Mt. Hermon? AD31 – December- February
The puzzle of the three disciples about the resurrection Mt. Hermon? AD31 – December- February
Also about Elijah on their way down the mountain 17:9-13 9:2-13 9:36 Mt. Hermon? AD31 – December- February
The demoniac boy, whom the disciples could not heal 17:14-20 9:14-29 9:37-43 Mt. Hermon? AD31 – December- February
Returning privately through Galilee, He again fore tells His death and resurrection 17:22-23 9:30-32 9:43-45 Galilee
Jesus, the Messiah, pays the half-shekel for the temple 17:24-27 Capernaum
Peter 17:24-27 Capernaum
Fish or coin 17:27 Capernaum
The twelve contend as to who shall be the greatest under the Messiah’s reign 18:1-5 9:33-37 9:46-48
His subjects must be childlike 18:1-5 9:33-37 9:46-48
The mistaken zeal of the apostle John rebuked by Jesus in pertinent parables 18:6-14 9:38-50 9:49-50
The parable of the Lost Sheep 18:10-14
Right treatment of a brother who has sinned against you 18:15-18
Two 18:19-20
The parable of the unmerciful servant 18:21-35
The Messiah’s followers must give up everything for His service 8:19-22 9:57-62
The unbelieving brothers of Jesus counsel Him to exhibit Himself at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth) 7:2-9 Galilee Sep 10-17
Jesus rejects their advice 7:7-9 Galilee Sep 10-17
Jesus goes Privately to Jerusalem though Samaria 9:51-56 7:10-11


Jesus teaches at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth) Oct21-28 31AD 7:11-52 Oct21-28 31AD Jerusalem
15th-22nd Tishri or Succoth or Sukkoth Ingathering, shelters -booths Autumn final harvest hardy fruits Jerusalem
15th-22nd Tishri or Succoth or Sukkoth Ingathering, shelters -booths Autumn final harvest hardy fruits Jerusalem
Build “Palm houses – temporary houses Jerusalem
Jesus teaches at the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkoth 7:14-36 Jerusalem
Last day of the Feast of Sukkoth Tabernacles- Thirsty Streams of Living Water 7:37-39 Jerusalem
wanting to size Jesus 7:44
The unbelief of the authorities 7:45-52
Everyone left to go home 7:53
Jesus went to Mount of Olives 8:1-2
Story of an adulterous woman brought to Jesus for judgment 8:3-8:11
I AM statements Light gate 10:7 Resurrection Shepherd 10:14 who I AM 9:24 8:58 11:25
After the Feast 8:12-58
Light of the world 8:12
The children of Abraham 8:31-41
The children of the devil 8:42-47
The claims of Jesus About Himself 8:48-5
Jesus about to be stoned in the Temple grounds 8:58-59
Jesus heals a man born blind 3rd time heals a blind person ( song mud in my eyes) Still in Jerusalem 9:1-41 Jerusalem
The rules forbid the recognition of Jesus as the Messiah 9:13-34
The conversion of the healed man 9:35-41
Jesus statement to the Pharisees 9:40-41
Good shepherd and His flock 10:1-21
The shepherd 10:1-21
I AM the gate 10:7
I AM the Good Shepherd 10:14
Divided by Jesus sayings 10:19-21
The mission of the seventy 10:1-16
Jesus joy in their work on their return 10:17-24
Jesus answers a lawyer’s question as to eternal life 10:25-37
The parable of the Good Samaritan 10:25-37
Jesus the guest of Martha and Mary 10:38-42 Bethany
Jesus again gives a model of prayer (comp 5288 Matt 6:9) 11:1-13
The LORD’S PRAYER 11:1-13
Parable of the Importunate friend 11:5-13
Jesus and Beelzebub 11:14-28
The sign of Jonah 12:38-41 11:29-32
The lamp of the body 11:33-36
While breakfasting with a Pharisees, Jesus severely denounces the Pharisees and lawyers and excites their enmity 11:37-54
1st woe Cup and dish 11:39-41
2nd woe Give tenth but neglect justice and the love of GOD 11:42-43
3rd woe Seals 11:43
4th woe Unmarked Graves 11:44-46
5th woe Tombs 11:47-51
6th woe Keys of the Kingdom 11:52
Fierce opposition intensifies 11:53-54
He speaks to His disciples and a vast thong about hypocrisy covetousness 12:1-59
Warnings and encouragement’s 12:1-12
The parable of the rich fool 12:13-21
Certain rich man 12:16
Do not worry 12:22-34
Watchfulness 12:35-48
The lamp 12:35-36
Parable of the waiting servants and of the wise steward 12:42-48
Not peace but division 12:49-53
Interpreting the times 12:54-59
All must repent or perish13:1-3 13:1-3
Current tragedies 13:1-3
Current tragedies 18 killed when tower in Siloam fell 13:4-5
Parable of the barren fig tree 13:6-8
Heals crippled woman on the Sabbath 13:10-12
Defends Himself against the synagogue rule 13:14-17
Ox or donkey 13:14-16
Repetition of the parable of the mustard seed 13:18-19
Repetition of the parable of the yeast 13:20-21
At the Feast of Dedication. Jesus will not yet openly say that He is the Messiah (25th Tishri-Feast of lights -Hanukkah AD31 18th Dec 10:22-39 18th Dec
The opposing Jews try to kill Him by stoning 10:31-39
The stones flying (A7633) 10:39


Info Mathew Mark Luke John Location Date
The withdrawal from Jerusalem towards Bethany beyond Jordan 10:40-42 Jordon River
And here many believed in Jesus 10:42
Teaching in Perea on a journey towards Jerusalem 13:22-35
Narrow Door 13:23-30
Master closes the Door 13:25-30
Jesus warned against Herod Antipas 13:31-32
That fox Herod Antipas 13:32-33
Jesus’ sorrow for Jerusalem 13:33-35
While dining (breakfast) with the chief Pharisee, He again on the Sabbath and defends Himself 14:1-24
Heals 14:2-4 house of Pharisee
Son 14:5-6
Lunch 14:7-11
Jesus to host 14:12-14
The Parable of the Great Banquet 14:15-24
Great crowds follow Jesus and He warns them to count the cost of discipleship to Him 14:25-35
Hate 14:26
Cross 14:27
Tower 14:28-30
King war 14:31-33
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Salt Jerusalem ? 14:34-35
The Pharisees and the Scribes murmur against Jesus for receiving sinners. He defends Himself by these parables 15:1-32
Parable of the Lost sheep – [with lamb in his arms] 18:12-14 15:1-7
Parable of the Lost coin 15:8-10
Woman 15:8-9
Angels rejoicing 15:10
Woman 15:8-9
Parable of the Lost son or forgiving father 15:11-31
Son without food 15:16-17
Other country 15
Son came to his Senses 15
Older son 15
Dead but found 15
Three parables on stewardship to his disciples 16:1-17:10
To the disciples The parable of the Shrewd steward 16:1-15
Trust 16:10-12
Pharisees 16:14-15
Additional teaching 16:16-18
Prophets 16:16-17
Divorce 16:18
To the Pharisees the parable of the rich man and Lazarus 16:19-31
Abraham 16:30
Moses 16:31
To the disciples the parable of the unprofitable servants 18:21-35
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (brother of Mary and Martha) Bethany AD 31 – December- February 11:1-44
Sin 17:1-10
Faith 17:7-10
Duty 17:7-10
I AM the resurrection and the life Bethany AD 31 – December- February 11:25
Lazarus comes out in grave clothes Bethany AD 31 – December- February 11:45-53
The Jewish leaders plot to kill Bethany AD 31 – December- February 11:45-53
Jesus withdrew to a village called Ephraim Ephraim 11:54
Heals on the way to Ephraim Ephraim 11:54
Jesus stayed in Ephraim Ephraim 11:54
Jesus stars on the last journey to Jerusalem by the way of Samaria and Galilee 17:11-19 11:55-57
10 Lepers are healed by Jesus via Samaria 17:11-19
9 Lepers go 17:11-19
1 Leper a foreigner a Samaritan came back and thanked Jesus 17:15-19
The coming of the Kingdom of GOD
Two parables on prayer 18:1-14
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
The importunate widow or the Parable of the unjust Judge 18:1-8
Widow 18:1-8
The Pharisees and the Tax collector (Publican) 18:9-14
Tax collector 18:13-14
Going from Galilee through Perea. He teaches concerning divorce Judea past Jordon 19:1-12 10:1-12
Divorce Judea past Jordon 19:1-12 10:1-12
Jesus and Children and the failure of the disciples to understand the attitude of Jesus 10:13-16
The Little Children and Jesus 19:13-15 10:13-16 18:15-17
The rich young ruler 19:16-28 10:17-31 18:18-25
The eye of the needle – camel 19:24 10:25 18:24-27
Rewards of following Jesus 19:27-30 10:27-31 18:27-30
Things are possible with God 19:26
The last will be first and the first will be last 19:30
Parable of workers in vineyard 20:1-16
The last will be first and the first will be last 20:16
Jesus again foretells to the disciples His death and resurrection (comp. 0083, 0085, 0086 0088) to Jerusalem 20:17-19 10:32-35 18:31-34
Info Location Date Mathew Mark Luke John
Mother’s request 20:20-24 10:35-45 18:31-34
Disciples reaction and Jesus comment 20:24-28
Blind man healed while Jesus was approaching Jericho out of Jericho 18:35-43
Jesus spoke 18:42-43
Jericho called the “city of palm trees” 825 feet below sea level
Inside Jericho Inside Jericho 19:1
Zacchaeus up a tree Inside Jericho 19:1-10
Jesus visits Zacchaeus for a meal..[possible stayed Thursday night or a midday meal] Inside Jericho 19:1-10
Zacchaeus pays back money Inside Jericho 19:8
Jesus says “salvation has come to this house” Inside Jericho 19:9-10
Parable of the pounds or ten minas near Jerusalem 19:11-27
Sets out from Jericho to Jerusalem. [ 24KM approx 4-8 hours all
uphill Jericho 825 feet below sea level Jerusalem 2,610 feet above sea. level Total climb 3,425 feet………(remember 2-3hour rest in middle of day)
Jericho to Jerusalem 19:28
Two blind men touched eyes. [Leaving Jericho] Jericho 20:29-34
Blind Bartimaeus says “Go’ [Leaving old Jericho] Jericho AD32 10:46-52
New moon [First] nearest to spring vernal equinox AD32 10:46-52
The next section of the time line of the Easter Message – Palm Sunday To Pentecost The next section of the time line of the Easter Message – Palm Sunday To Pentecost

The tenth of 17 sections of the timeline produced for - at the moment in English only. The Ministry of Jesus - is the second of 8 sections or modules of the New Testament.
The Ministry of Jesus coves the period when Jesus started His public Ministry until about a week before his death. This period of His life is covered in the module Easter - Palm Sunday to Passover.