Birth of Jesus – The Christmas Story

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The Birth of Jesus fulfills what the prophets had said.

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Info Location Date Matthew Mark Luke John
In the dedication Luke explains his method of research 1:1-4
In the dedication Matthew explains his method of research 1:1
LUKE’S introduction 1:1-4


In his introduction John pictures Jesus as the word (logos) 1:1-8


Joseph’s genealogy – MATTHEW…..14 X 14 X14 1:1-17 13:23-30
Mary’s genealogy – LUKE 3:32-38


Info Location Date Matthew Mark Luke John
Under Roman rule – solider Jerusalem 63BC-AD476
Birth of Jesus – white card
Matthew chapters 1 and 2 family tree – white card 1:1-17
Luke chapters 1 and 2 family tree – white card 3:23-38
Zechariah at work-temple Jerusalem 1:5-25
Angel Gabriel tells Zechariah – 1st angel Jerusalem 1:5-25
Angel Gabriel tells Mary – 2nd angel Nazareth 1:26-38
Angel Gabriel announces Jesus birth – Mary listens Nazareth 1:26-38
Mary visits Elizabeth Hill country of Judea 1:39-41
Words of Elizabeth to Mary Hill country of Judea 1:41-45
Mary’s song of praise (called the Magnificat – [My soul] magnifies) Hill country of Judea 1:46-55
Mary goes home after 3 months Nazareth 1:56
Birth of John the Baptist Hill country of Judea 1:57-80
Zechariah writes down John then speaks Hill country of Judea 1:62-79
Zechariah’ song Hill country of Judea 1:67-79
Info Location Date Matthew Mark Luke John
John the Baptist’s childhood 1:80
John the Baptist’s desert life 1:80
Abraham to David 14, David to Deportation 14, Deportation to Jesus 14 1:17
Birth of Jesus Bethlehem 7BC-4BC 1:18-25
Joseph wanted to put Mary away secretly Nazareth 1:19
3rd angel to Joseph – dream Nazareth 1:20
Name the baby – JESUS Nazareth 1:21
The Birth of Jesus to forfill what the prophets had said. 1:22
Virgin with Child Nazareth 1:23
Joseph took Mary as his wife to himself 1:24-25
No union till after the birth [were treated as married] Nazareth 1:25
Joseph wife Nazareth 1:25
Census-orders of Emperor Augustus Roman world 8 BC 2:1-3
Quirinus was governor of Syria Roman Syria 2:2
Joseph leads Mary Nazareth – Bethlehem 2:4
Mary on donkey Nazareth – Bethlehem 2:5
Baby Jesus Bethlehem 12-4BC? 1:18-25 2:6-7
3753-375712-8-4BC xxxxx Bethlehem 12-4BC?
749=4BC xxxxx 749=4BC
Shepherds looking after sheep on hills Hills near Bethlehem 12-4BC? 2:8-20
An Angel speaks to shepherds Hills near Bethlehem 12-4BC? 2:9-12
Then many angels sing Hills near Bethlehem 12-4BC? 2:13-14
Shepherds visit Jesus Bethlehem 12-4BC? 2:15-20
8th day Naming day Bethlehem 12-4BC? 2:21
Baby Jesus Bethlehem 12-4BC? 2:21
Temple 32 days later Exodus 13:2,12 Temple Jerusalem 2:22-23
Temple 40 days old Temple Jerusalem 2:22-23
Gifts per Leviticus a lamb or Temple Jerusalem 2:24
Gifts per Leviticus 2 doves or 2 young pigeons Levi 12:8 Temple Jerusalem 2:24
Simeon Temple Jerusalem 2:25-35
Anna Temple Jerusalem 2:36-38
Magi 2:1
Herod the great also called King Herod Jerusalem 2:2
Magi visit King Herod Jerusalem 2:3
Star over a house 2:2,7,9-10
Micah 5:2 2:6
Magi follow star to house house 2:9-10
Find child in a house or a toddler 12-18 months old house 2:11
The 3 gifts house 2:11
Info Location Date Matthew Mark Luke John
Magi dream 2:12
Joseph’s dreams and 6th angel 2:13
Mary on donkey with child off to Egypt 2:14-15
ROUND TRIP xxxxx APPROX 300 KM say at 30 km a day 2:14-15
Hosea 11:1 and Exodus 4:22f 2:15
Herod angry Jerusalem 2:16
Killed children in Bethlehem Bethlehem 2:16
Jeremiah 2:17
Solders kill children Rachel crying Jeremiah 31:15 Bethlehem 2:18
Death of Herod the great about March/April Jericho 4BC? 2:19-20
749 xxxx=4BC 2:19-20
Dream by Joseph 2:19-20
Go back to Israel 7th angel 2:19-20
Joseph 2:19-20
Mary on donkey with child going back to Israel 2:21
1st stop Jerusalem Jerusalem 2:21
Archelaus – reigned instead of his father Herod the Great [King Herod] 2:22
Prefects etc
Dream – Joseph moved onto Galilee – warned by God 2:22
2nd stop Nazareth Nazareth 2:22:23
Info Location Date Matthew Mark Luke John
Childhood in Nazareth Nazareth 2:22-23
Called Nazarene (Isaiah 11:1) Nazareth 2:23
Visit Jerusalem each year for The Feast of Passover Jerusalem 2:41-50
Jesus as a 12 year old had His Barmitzar Jerusalem 2:41-50
Death of Jesus either, AD29 or AD32 or AD33? depending on the date of the birth and other details Jerusalem 2:41-50
Rest of His life in Nazareth 18years Nazareth 2:51-52
Jesus Youth Nazareth 2:52
CROSS Jerusalem AD32 26:1-28:20 11:1-16:20 22:1-24:53 12:1-21:25
Possible date of Paul (Saul) birth about AD10 Tarsus birth AD10?
1BC=0 -AD1 =3760 Jewish =750 Roman

AD2010-2011 = 5771 Jewish Wed, 08 September 2010

AD2011-2012 = 5772 Jewish Wed, 28 September 2011

AD2012-2013 = 5773 Jewish Sun, 16 September 2012

AD2013-2014 = 5774 Jewish Wed, 04 September 2013

Turn our Calendar into Jewish Calendar add 3760 years. max out by one year. Jewish Calendar starts usually September each year.

Pilate arrived in Judea approx AD26 and stayed until AD36 Jerusalem AD36
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