High Priest

From 400BC to the fall of Jerusalem in AD70 there was a Jewish High Priest.

The High Priests job was to lead the people in the daily sacrifices in the temple in Jerusalem.

High priest as in Moses High priest as in Easter.

More Information:

High Priest – Hasmonean dynasty:
* Jonathan Apphus, 153-143 BCE
* Simeon Tassi, brother of Jonathan Apphus, 142-134 BCE
* John Hyrcanus I, son of Simeon Tassi 134-104 BCE
* Aristobulus I, son of John Hyrcanus, 104-103 BCE
* Alexander Jannaeus, son of John Hyrcanus, 103-76 BCE
* John Hyrcanus II, son of Alexander Jannaeus, 76-66 BCE
* Aristobulus II, son of Alexander Jannaeus, 66-63 BCE
* John Hyrcanus II (restored) 63-40 BCE
* Antigonus, son of Aristobulus II, 40-37 BCE
* Aristobulus III 36 BCE-last of the Hasmoneans; paternal grandson of Aristobulus II and brother of Herod’s wife Mariamne (second wife of Herod).

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