High Priest – John Hyrcanus II

John Hyrcanus II, eldest son of Alexander Jannaeus and Alexandra, High Priest 76BC-66BC and (restored) 63BC-40BC.

The position of High Priest often was very political, but Hyrcanus was a weak person who was controlled by many in his lifetime. His life ended when he was murdered by King Herod the Great in 30BC.

John Hyrcanus II was but one of fifty or more High Priests who served in the Temple in Jerusalem from the return from the Babylonian exile, about 515BC, to the fall of the Temple in AD70.

Hyrcanus the name means: one from Hyrcania. The Hyrcania Sea was the ancient Greek name for the Caspian Sea.

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Hyrcanus II the High Priest of Judaea from 76BC to 40BC.

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