607BC – The Prophet Habakkuk

Habakkuk saw the leaders of Judah were oppressing the poor. God told him that the Babylonians would come and destroy Judah, which they did in 605BC and came again in 586BC.

God told Habakkuk that He would destroy the Babylonians and restore God’s chosen people to the land of Israel.

Background reading

Habakkuk’s Oracle
1:1 The pronouncement that the prophet Habakkuk perceived.

The Prophet’s First Complaint

2 “How long, LORD, must I cry out for help,

but you won’t listen?

I’m crying out to you, ‘Violence!’

but you aren’t providing deliverance.

3 Why are you forcing me to look at iniquity

and to stare at wickedness?

Social havoc and oppression are all around me;

there are legal conflicts, and disputes abound.

4 Therefore, the Law has become paralyzed,

and justice never comes about.

Because criminals outnumber the righteous,

whenever judgments are issued, they come out crooked.”
Habakkuk 1:1-4

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