Questions and Answers 25-46

25. What is the name of a famous song about The Valley of Dry Bones?

26. Jeremiah the Prophet of God is put down a well. Who was the important man Jeremiah spoke with during this time?

27. What happened to King Zedekiah the 20th King of Judah?

28. What happened to Jerusalem?

29. Did Judah go into Slavery to Babylon?

30. Why did King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon make a Golden Image?

31. What were the names of the men who were put in the Fiery Furnace?

32. Daniel’s Godly life of prayer had him put where by those who hated him?

33. What was the Prophet Haggai’s message to the people?

34. What was the prophet Zechariah’s message?

35. What years was the Temple rebuilt by Zerubbabel, started and finished?

36. Who won a beauty Queen contest and saved her people from being killed?

37. King Artaxerxes of Babylon sent who to rebuild a wall around Jerusalem?

38. Which year did Ezra return from captivity to Jerusalem?

39. Who wrote the last Old Testament book of the Bible?

40. The gap between Malachi and Jesus is approximately how many years?

41. Hasmonean Dynasty, This family stayed faithful to God and defended the Jewish rights and customs between what years?

42. A Roman Soldier representing the Roman Empire. Where was the Roman headquarters?

43. Did King Herod the Great build a Temple for the Jews?

44. The Angel Gabriel God’s Messenger announced what two things Mary?

45. Why did Jesus, God’s only Son, die on a Roman death machine?

46. Jesus – The author and giver of all faith. How long was His public ministry on earth?

Answers for questions 26-46:

25. Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD.

26. During the time Jeremiah was in prison he regularly spoke to King Zedekiah.

27. King Nebuchadnezzar later deported King Zedekiah to Babylon.

28. Finally destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 586BC.

29. Yes.

30. The King decreed, “When you hear the music, everyone must fall down and worship the image of gold!”.

31. Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah (their Hebrew names) were given Babylonian names – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

32. In a Lion’s Den.

33. It is time to rebuild the Temple of God in Jerusalem.

34. It starts with ‘A Call to Obedience’ and ends with ‘The Coming of the Messiah and His Kingdom’.

35. 536BC-516BC.

36. Esther becomes the Queen of Persia.

37. Nehemiah rebuilds the walls.

38. Ezra returned from captivity to Jerusalem in 458BC.

39. Malachi, a prophet of God.

40. 400 Years.

41. 170BC-37BC .

42. The headquarters of the Roman army was at Caesarea with a seaport called Sebastos.

43. Yes.

44. She was going to have a baby and to call Him Jesus. Elizabeth, her cousin, was six months pregnant.

45. To bring us life and right relationship with God His Father.

46. Three and a half years.

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