Questions and Answers 1-16

1. Where does the link on this page go?

2. In which chapter and verse do you find the 300 year gap between Joseph and Moses?

3. In the first 40 years Moses was being trained as?

4. Go against God and the Pharaoh and all the Egyptian people were going to learn a very important lesson. What was this lesson?

5. The name of the baby brother Miriam kept an eye on?

6. What was Moses’ occupation for the next 40 years?

7. Who spoke to Moses out of the burning bush?

8. What was Moses asked to do by God?

9. What was Moses’ occupation for the third set of 40 years?

10. What item became a snake?

11. Can you name the ten plagues of Egypt?

12. What was the last of the ten plagues of Egypt?

13. What does the Festival of Passover commemorate?

14. The life of Moses is found in Exodus, Numbers,
Deuteronomy and what other book?

15. When the cloud moved what did the camp of Israel do?

16. Pillar of fire by night. What were the two things it did?

Answers for questions 1-16

1. Timeline – Covering the Life of Moses 1800BC-1400BC.

2. Exodus 1:7-10.

3. He was being trained as a future Egyptian Pharaoh.

4. You come off second best.

5. Moses.

6. Shepherd.

7. God.

8. Take off his sandals.

9. The start of the ministry God had called Moses to do for Him.

10. A rod.

11. 1-10.

12. Death of the Firstborn.

13. Passover commemorates the Exodus from Egypt.

14. Leviticus.

15. The camp of Israel followed the cloud.

16. The pillar of fire was a symbol of divine guidance and was also God’s way of supplying light for His people during the night.

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