Click on any of images for more information. The reigns of these Four kings, King Saul, King Ishbosheth, King David and King Solomon, cover a period of 120 years. Each king reigns for about 40 years except King Ishbosheth.

Samuel the fifteenth Judge of Israel anoints Saul

1 Samuel 10:1-27. Samuel was asked by God to anoint Saul and later David as Kings of Israel. At this time Samuel was the 15th Judge of Israel and a prophet of Israel. The people of Israel whereas again asking for an earthly king, where they were to have a heavenly King and His name is God. Samuel was in leadership for 47 years. He started when he was 38 years old - 1067BC-1020BC. Samuel in Hebrew means: heard of God.
Background Reading: 10:1 Samuel took a flask of oil, poured it on Saul’s head, kissed him, and said,   Read more » »

King Saul starts his reign of about thirty-two years

1 Samuel 10:1-8. King Saul reigned 32 years, during which time he went from being a good king to an evil king in God's eyes. 1043BC - 1011BC. The people wanted Saul as their king because of his size and good looks. King Saul in Hebrew means: asked for.
Background Reading: 10:1 Samuel took a flask of oil, poured it on Saul’s head, kissed him, and said, “The LORD has anointed you Commander-in-Chief over his inheritance, has he not? 2 When you leave me today, you will find two men by Rachel’s tomb in the territory of Benjamin   Read more » »

King Saul reigned for 40 years. He was the 1st of 3 kings

1 Samuel 11:1-15. King Saul reigned for 40 years between 1043BC-1011BC. He was from the tribe of Benjamin and the first King of Israel. Saul prophesied after Samuel anointed him as King and before being presented to Israel as their King. King Saul's first physical act was to lead Israel into battle against the Ammonites, a long time enemy of Israel, and totally wipe them out. Hebrew name of Saul means: asked for.
Background Reading: 11:1 So after a month, Nahash the Ammonite came up and laid siege to Jabesh-gilead.   Read more » »

Samuel the fifteenth Judge of Israel anoints David as king

1 Samuel 16:1-13. Samuel 15th Judge of Israel and also a prophet. Anointed the first two kings of Israel under God's orders. This time he is asked to anoint David to be King, 1 Samuel 16:13. The people of Israel were again asking for an earthly king, whereas they were supposed to have a heavenly King and His name is God. David was still a youth when Samuel anointed David to be King in the town of Bethlehem. Samuel was in leadership for 47 years. He started when he was 38 years old - 1067BC-1020BC. Hebrew name of Samuel means: Heard of God.   Read more » »

David plays for his King

1 Samuel 16:14-23. David's playing on his harp was the only thing that would settle King Saul's troubled mind. When an evil spirit from God came upon King Saul, David would take his harp and play and King Saul would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him. David was an accomplished musician. He practiced many hours while looking after his father's sheep.
Background Reading: 16:14 The Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him.   Read more » »

David uses his slingshot

1 Samuel 17:40-58. David uses his sling and a stone to kill Goliath, an enemy of Israel. He had used them to protect his father's sheep and knew what he could do with them under God's guidance. After David had killed Goliath and cut off his head, the Philistines ran away and the Israelites chased and killed many of them. David told Goliath that he, David, came in the name of the LORD Almighty and it was by the LORD that Israel would be saved. David picked up five stones from the creek. Goliath had four brothers. Was David, with this act of picking up five stones, saying to Goliath,   Read more » »

The giant Goliath is killed by David

1 Samuel 17:1-58. Goliath, a professional soldier of great height, about 3 meters or 10 feet, who fought against Israel. A giant from Gath a royal Philistine city. Armies would select their best fighting men who would fight each other. The outcome of this fight would determine whose army would lose. Goliath was acting in this role when David killed him. The Philistine army should have surrendered and not run away. Giants of the Bible can be traced back to Genesis 6:4. Goliath had at least four brothers. Goliath and his brothers may also have had children.   Read more » »

King Saul tries to kill David with a spear

1 Samuel 18:6-16. After an evil spirit from God came forcefully upon Saul, King Saul tried to kill David in a fit of anger because of jealousy by throwing a spear. Before King Saul tried to kill David with a spear, Saul had experienced prophetic inspiration. Saul was afraid of David because the LORD was with David but had left Saul. Background Reading: 18:6 When David returned from defeating the Philistine, as they were entering the city, women from all the towns of Israel came out to meet King Saul, singing and dancing as they joyously played tambourines and lyres.   Read more » »

Jonathan, David’s faithful friend

1 Samuel 20:1-42. Jonathan, a true friend to David. Jonathan, David's friend and King Saul's son. Jonathan and David stayed friends even though King Saul wanted to kill David so his son Jonathan could rule the kingdom. Therefore they had to plan how David could be notified in secret whether or not King Saul was planning to kill him. And so you have the story of Jonathan shooting arrows. Jonathan in Hebrew means: Jah has given.
Background Reading: 20:1 David fled from Naioth in Ramah. He came to Jonathan and said, “What have I done? What is my crime,   Read more » »

Soldiers of David’s army

1 Samuel 21:1-30:1-31. David's soldiers followed him everywhere. Obedience is crucial to a soldier. David, while he was in the wilderness, had over 600 fighting men at his command. This is one of the episodes in David's life while running from King Saul who was trying to kill him. While David and his men were away from Ziklag, where they lived, the enemy of Israel and David came and burned the city and took the people captive. The event concludes with David and his men getting back their families and also defeating the LORD's enemies, the Amalekites.  Read more » »

Abigail acted quickly

1 Samuel 25:1-44. Abigail, whose Hebrew name means fountain of joy, was married to Nabal, whose Hebrew name means fool. Nabal was a wicked and mean man. Nabal is a very wealthy man. David and his men have respected and protected Nabal's property and they have been good to the men who have worked for him. In return, David just asks that Nabal give him and his men something to eat and drink because they are in a time of need. By quickly taking a very large present of food ,a veritable feast, to David, Abigail makes up for Nabal's refusal of David's earlier request:   Read more » »

40-year reign of King Saul ends

1 Samuel 31:1-13. In oral tradition it is easier to remember 40+40+40=120. Even though he reigned for less than a full 40 years. The end of an approximately 32-year reign of King Saul. In this time he went from being a good king to being an evil king in God’s eyes. 1043BC - 1011BC. The name Saul in Hebrew means: asked for. Both King Saul and his son Jonathan died in battle. Background Reading: 31:1 The Philistines fought against Israel, and the army of Israel fled before the Philistines. They fell slain on Mount Gilboa. 2 The Philistines pursued Saul and his sons.   Read more » »

King Ishbosheth

2 Samuel 3:1-4:12. King Ishbosheth, son of King Saul was a King for two years. The King maker was Abner who then two years later wanted to help David to be King. Then he was killed by Rechab and Baanah both soldiers to King Ishbosheth.   Read more » »

Start of 40 Year reign of King David

2 Samuel 2:1-7. Second king of the three kings of the unified kingdom. David reigned for 40 years - 1011BC-971BC. David, who had become king in God's time, lived until he was 70 years and 6 months old, started his reign at 30 years old. David in Hebrew means: beloved. His life is found in 1 Samuel to 1 Kings 2:11 and 1 Chronicles. David was good in God's sight. David had a whole heart towards God.
Background Reading: 2:1 Some time later, David inquired of the LORD to ask, “Am I to move to any one of the cities of Judah?”   Read more » »

David becomes king in God’s time

2 Samuel 5:1-5. David had become king in God's time and reigned for forty years between 1011BC-971BC. David was good in God's sight. David had a whole heart towards God. David had already been anointed to be king by Samuel, but David waited till God put him into his role as Israel's king. According to tradition, David as a poet and songwriter wrote over 70 of the Psalms in the book of Psalms. David in Hebrew means: beloved.
Background Reading: 5:1 After this, all of the tribes of Israel assembled with David at Hebron and declared,   Read more » »

David conquers Jerusalem

2 Samuel 5:4-13. David establishes Jerusalem as his capital. The Jebusite inhabitants of Jerusalem thought the place was so naturally protected that the lame and blind could defend it from attack, but David and his men found a way in. David as king of all Israel takes Jerusalem and makes it his new capital. This happened about 1004BC. David had ruled in Hebron for seven years and now ruled from Jerusalem for the next 32 years. Now Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David, along with cedar logs and carpenters and stonemasons, and they built the palace for David.   Read more » »

The Ark brought to Jerusalem Ark of God

2 Samuel 6:1-23. King David moved the Ark of God to Jerusalem. The Ark was where God's presence was. Remember the Ark of God had to be carried by the priests, not placed on a cart. Wherever the Ark stayed, that area or household was blessed, because the Ark had the presence of God on it. The Ark of God was made up of two parts:- The Ark of the Testimony, which was the box made of wood overlaid with gold, and the Mercy Seat, which was made of solid beaten gold and had two angels or cherubim who had one set of wings each. Each cherub had one wing set which,   Read more » »

Bathsheba and King David

2 Samuel 11:1-27 and 12:1-25. King David murdered Uriah the Hittite, the husband of Bathsheba, a faithful subject and soldier, to cover his tracks. Uriah was the husband of Bathsheba. Bathsheba was the daughter of Eliam. Bathsheba in Hebrew means: daughter of an Oak. Later, after their marriage, King David and Bathsheba had a son who died. Their second son, Solomon, was to become the next King of Israel on the death of his father King David.   Read more » »

Amnon and Tamar

2nd Samuel 13:1-39. Tamar was seduced and raped by her half-brother Amnon. According to Bible from Exodus onwards, there are to be no sexual relations between half-brothers and sisters. Hebrew meaning of Tamar is: Palm tree. Hebrew meaning of Amnon is: tutelage or up-bringing. He was the eldest son of David and his wife Ahinoam and was slain by Absalom, Tamar's brother, also a son of David. Absalom's mother was Maachah, a daughter of Talmai, king of Geshur.   Read more » »

The end of King David’s 40 year Reign

1 Kings 2:10-12. Second king of the three kings of the unified kingdom. He reigned for 40 years. 1011BC-971BC. David who had become King in God's time, lived until he was 70 years and 6 months old, started his reign at 30 years old. Hebrew name of David means: beloved. His life is found in 1 Samuel to 1 Kings 2:11 and 1 Chronicles. David was good in God's sight. David had a whole heart towards God.
Background Reading: 2:10 After this, David died, as had his ancestors, and he was buried in the City of David.   Read more » »

The start of the 40-year reign of King Solomon

1 Kings 1:28-48 and 1 Kings 2:10-46. King Solomon took over the kingdom from his father King David. Solomon started out right when God said to Solomon, Ask anything of me and I will give it. Solomon answered that he wanted wisdom so he could rule God's people with wisdom and justice. Over the years, as King of Israel, Solomon through his own actions let slip his relationship with God. He had only half a heart after God and was led away from God by his own actions.   Read more » »

King Solomon’s reign established

1 Kings 2:1-46. King Solomon had half a heart after God unlike his father David who had a whole heart after God. Born 999BC reigned 40 years between 971BC-931BC must have been about 28 when he started his reign. Hebrew name for Solomon means: peace. David and Bathsheba named him Solomon but the Lord God through Nathan the Prophet named him Jedidiah the name means in Hebrew Loved by God. Solomon used other names at times like the teacher in Ecclesiastes and Agur in Proverbs whose Hebrew name means collector.   Read more » »

A sword gets the truth, Solomon’s Wise Ruling

1 Kings 3:16-28. Solomon uses a sword to get the truth out of two women. There were women, each claiming that the same baby was hers. God had given Solomon wisdom to administer justice. Who would have thought that by threatening to kill the baby the truth would come out?
Background Reading: 3:16 Right about then, two prostitutes approached the king and requested an audience with him. 17 One woman said, “Your majesty, this woman and I live in the same house. I gave birth to a child while she was in the house.   Read more » »

Solomon’s Temple

1 Kings 5:1-18 and 6:1-38. The Temple built by King Solomon was from material supplied by his father King David. The plans were also given to King David by God. The Temple was started in 966BC in Solomon's fourth year of his reign and completed seven years later. At the dedication of the temple, after Solomon had finished praying fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices. The people worshiped God saying, "He is good; his love endures forever."   Read more » »

The Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon Queen of Sheba

1 Kings 10:1-13. The Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon and she was impressed with his wisdom and wealth. The Queen of Sheba asked King Solomon a lot of questions to see if what she had heard about him was true. The Queen of Sheba said "How happy your men must be! How happy your officials, who continually stand before you and hear your wisdom! Praise be to the LORD your God, who has delighted in you and placed you on the throne of Israel. Because of the LORD's eternal love for Israel, he has made you king, to maintain justice and righteousness."   Read more » »

The end of 40-year reign of King Solomon

1 Kings 11:41-43. At the end of King Solomon's reign that his Kingdom is split into two Kingdoms see Prophets and Divided Kingdom. Solomon started out right asking God for wisdom to lead God's people. He had only half a heart after God and was led away from God by his own actions. Solomon wrote a number of books in the Bible can you name them?
Background Reading: 11:41 Now the rest of Solomon’s accomplishments, including everything else he did,   Read more » »

Questions and Answers 1-13

1. Who was the first king Samuel anoints to be king? 2. Why did the people want Saul as their king? 3. Which tribe was King Saul from? 4. Who was asked to anoint David to be King? 5. David's playing on his harp did what for King Saul? 6. Who did David kill with his slingshot? 7. Was Goliath, a professional? 8. Who tried to kill David with a spear? 9. Was Jonathan a true friend to David? 10. Did David's soldiers follow him everywhere? 11. When did David marry Abigail? 12. What happened at the end of King Solomon’s reign? 13. How long did King Ishbosheth the son of King Saul, regin?   Read more »

Questions and Answers 14-26

14. What year did King David start his 40 year reign? 15. Did David have a heart after God? 16. How long did King David rule from Jerusalem? 17. What was special about the Ark of God? 18. Why did King David murder Uriah the Hittite? 19. Was Tamar seduced and raped by her half-brother Amnon? 20. How old was King David at the end of his reign? 21. At the start of the 40-year reign of King Solomon. God asked him to ask anything from Him. What did King Solomon ask for? 22. What was the name God gave to King Solomon? 23. What did King Solomon use to get a Wise Ruling?   Read more »

Timeline for the Three Kings

Timeline for the three kings - Saul - David - Solomon. The Unified Kingdom. Approximately 2 A4 pages from 1050BC-931BC that are set up so you can print them. Please enjoy looking at this table of contents as much as we did making it.   Read more »

Background Information: Three Kings

BACKGROUND NOTES and STUDY MATERIAL PAGE - See Timelines:- Three Kings - Saul 1043-1011 - David 1011-971 - Solomon 971-931BC. Some of the material that was used in preparing THREE KINGS of Israel.   Read more » »

Resources – Three Kings – Saul, David, and Solomon

BOOKS: The Sequence of Events of the Old Testament - Shlma Eliezer Pub MOD Israel. Publishing House Distributed By the "Jerusalem Post" ISBN -965-05 797? 1984. The Macmillan Bible Atlas - Yohanan Aharoni and Michael Avi-Yonah. The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings - Dr. Edwin Thiele Pater Noster press 1951. Young's Analytical Concordance. Great Events of the Bible James Harper Editor - Weidenfield and Marshall editions Ltd 1987 ISBN 0-297-79068-4. Clarke's Commentary.   Read more » »

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