Start of 40 Year reign of King David

2 Samuel 2:1-7. Second king of the three kings of the unified kingdom. David reigned for 40 years – 1011BC-971BC.

David, who had become king in God’s time, lived until he was 70 years and 6 months old, started his reign at 30 years old.

David in Hebrew means: beloved.

His life is found in 1 Samuel to 1 Kings 2:11 and 1 Chronicles.

David was good in God’s sight. David had a whole heart towards God.

Background Reading:

40 years reign of King David

2:1 Some time later, David inquired of the LORD to ask, “Am I to move to any one of the cities of Judah?”

The LORD told him, “Go.”

So David asked, “To which one?”

He replied, “To Hebron.”

2 So David went there, along with his two wives Ahinoam from Jezreel and Abigail, widow of Nabal from Carmel. 3 David brought his army with him, each soldier accompanied by his household, and they settled in the cities of Hebron. 4 After this, the army of Judah arrived, and they anointed David king over the house of Judah.

There they informed David, “The men of Jabesh-gilead buried Saul.”

5 So David sent messengers to the people of Jabesh-gilead and told them, “May the LORD bless you, because you showed gracious love like this to your lord Saul by burying him. 6 Now may the Lord reward you with gracious love, as well as faithfulness, to you, too! And I will also reward you because you did this good thing. 7 So strengthen yourselves, and be valiant in heart, because your lord Saul has died, and the household of Judah has anointed me to be king over them.”
2 Samuel 2:1-7

Also read: 1 Chronicles 29:26.

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