David conquers Jerusalem

2 Samuel 5:4-13. David establishes Jerusalem as his capital.
The Jebusite inhabitants of Jerusalem thought the place was so naturally protected that the lame and blind could defend it from attack, but David and his men found a way in.

David as king of all Israel takes Jerusalem and makes it his new capital. This happened about 1004BC.

David had ruled in Hebron for seven years and now ruled from Jerusalem for the next 32 years.

Now Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David, along with cedar logs and carpenters and stonemasons, and they built the palace for David.

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David Conquers Jerusalem

5:4 David began to reign when he was 30 years old, and he reigned 40 years. 5 He reigned over Judah for seven years and six months in Hebron, and he reigned over all of Israel including Judah for 33 years in Jerusalem. 6 Later, the king and his army marched on Jerusalem against the Jebusites, who were inhabiting the territory at that time and who had told David, “You’re not coming in here! Even the blind and the lame could turn you away!” because they were thinking “David can’t come here.” 7 Even so, David captured the stronghold of Zion, which is now known as the City of David.

8 At that time, David had said, “Whoever intends to attack the Jebusites will have to climb up the water shaft to attack the lame and blind, who hate David.”

Therefore they say, “The blind and lame are never to come into the house.” 9 David occupied the fortress, naming it the City of David. He built up the surroundings from the terrace ramparts inward. 10 David became more and more esteemed because the LORD God of the Heavenly Armies was with him.

11 Later, King Hiram of Tyre sent a delegation to David, accompanied by cedar logs, carpenters, and stone masons. They built a palace for David. 12 So David concluded that the LORD had established him as king over Israel and that he had exalted his kingdom in order to benefit his people Israel. 13 But after arriving in Jerusalem after leaving Hebron, David took more wives and mistresses, and more sons and daughters were born to David. 14 These are the names of those who were born to him in Jerusalem: Shammua, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon, 15 Ibhar, Elishua, Nepheg, Japhia, 16 Elishama, Eliada, and Eliphelet.
2 Samuel 5:4-16
Also read: 1 Chronicles 11:4-9; 14:1-7.

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