Questions and Answers 1-13

1. Who was the first king Samuel anoints to be king?

2. Why did the people want Saul as their king?

3. Which tribe was King Saul from?

4. Who was asked to anoint David to be King?

5. David’s playing on his harp. Did what for King Saul?

6. Who did David kill with his slingshot?

7. Was Goliath, a professional soldier?

8. Who tried to kill David with a spear?

9. Was Jonathan a true friend to David?

10. Did David’s soldiers follow him everywhere?

11. When did David marry Abigail?

12. What happened at the end of King Solomon’s reign?

13. How long did King Ishbosheththe son of King Saul regin?


1. Saul.

2. Because of his size and good looks.

3. The tribe of Benjamin .

4. Samuel.

5. The evil spirit would leave King Saul.

6. Goliath.

7. Yes and he was of great hight.

8. King Saul.

9. Yes.

10. Yes.

11. After Abigail’s husband died.

12. King Solomon’s is split into two Kingdoms.

13. How long did King Ishbosheth was a King for two years, son of King Saul regin?

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