Resources – Joshua and Judges of Israel



    The Sequence of Events of the Old Testament– Shlma Eliezer Pub MOD Israel Publishing House Distributed By the “Jerusalem Post” ISBN -965-05 797 1984.

    The Macmillan Bible Atlas – Yohanan Aharoni and Michael Avi-Yonah.

    The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings – Dr. Edwin Thiele Pater Noster Press 1951.

    Jensen’s Survey of the Old Testament – Irving L. Jensen.

    Young’s Analytical Concordance.

    Time Lines By Zondervan
    Timelines of the Western Church Susan Lynn Paterson 1999 Zondervan Publishers.

    Great Events of The Bible Times – James Harper Edition Marshall Editions LTD 1987 ISBN 0-297-79068-4

    Clarke’s Commentary.

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