Samson sleeps, Samson the 14th Judge of Israel

Judges 16:19. Samson was put to sleep by Delilah who then had his hair cut off.
This is a second or third time Samson the 14th Judge of Israel gets involved with foreign wives and gets into trouble with the Philistines.
Why did Samson not understand what Delilah was up to or was God using this to get what was to happen in the Philistine temple Dagon?
Even though Samson was a Nazirite and he kept parts of the vow of a Nazirite he had other weakness and one of them came out in he wanted foreign women to have sex with.
God abandoned Samson when he had his hair cut off. What a shock.

Background Reading:

Samson sleeps

19 So she enticed him to fall asleep on her lap, called for a man to shave off his seven locks of hair from his head, and so began to humiliate him. Then his strength abandoned him.
Judges 16:19
Life of Samson – Judges 13:-16:31.

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